Monday, 15 June 2009

Greasy Hair?

Ok girls!
So it happens to us all!
Going out the night before work and you don't remember or have the time to wash your hair?
Or you have fine and limp hair that gets greasy often and no matter what you do, it just keeps getting greasy?
I've got a cheap and easy answer for you right here!

Say no to dry shampoos such as Batiste. This product will cost you around £1.95 for a 150ml can in high street stores . And lets be honest, they don't smell fantastic, and they don't last long either.We all know the credit crunch is in full swing, and we are all suffering no matter what walk of life we are. I have found a much cheaper alternative for you. Like Tesco say, "Every little helps". Look after the pennies and the pounds will look after them selves.
In the same store that sells batiste, you can purchase a 500g bottle of Johnsons baby powder for just £1.62.

Talcum powder works in the exact same way as the dry shampoos do. The dryness of the talc absorbs the oil in the hair leaving it looking refreshed, alive and also smelling fresh.

With the baby powder all you simply need to do is apply a little talc to the palm of your hand and just dust into the roots, then rub in to make sure you don't look like your having a dandruff attack! It really does work!
Not only are you getting great value for money, you are also getting a product that lasts much longer. You can even buy little travel sized talc tubs to pop in your handbag to take with you so you can "dust" on the go!

This isn't the worlds biggest secret, but a lot of people still don't know.
Please pass on the message of my blog as the more followers the better!
Lots of Love 

Aimsie xxx

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