Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Semi Permanent make up Cardiff, South Wales. Cosmetic tattooing

Hi hi!
So I've been mulling over the idea of getting my eyebrows tattooed for literally years. I over plucked as an idiot teen, not that I had much to play with anyway! I've spent the last few years powdering my brows in everyday as part of my morning routine only for them to disappear again at night. I was having HD brows for a few years and although it helped a lot it still wasn't enough. I just couldn't escape the fact I wanted something there when I took off my make up. 
It was my birthday a few days ago and I am off to Marbella next week. So I was thinking I need to look my best for somewhere with a glam reputation like Marbs. So decided to just go for it! Why the hell not?!
So this is me before, bare faced may I add.

Can I start off by saying a massive thank you to Jade at The Contour Clinic Cardiff. She managed to fit me in at really short notice, which was amazing! She was instantly warm and friendly and I felt at ease instantly. We chatted for a bit after I had filled in all the relevent forms and applied some numbing creme around my brows. We talked about my expectations and what I wanted to get out of the treatment. I showed her a few pictures and we decided to go for a fairly natural but slightly more dramatic hair stroke finish. 
I lay on the bed and it began with me having my brows drawn on into the desired shape. This took a little while as its obviously important its right. I was matched to a colour that was the same as my natural hair colour. Once we were both happy the tattooing began. Was it uncomfortable? Yes a little. I wont lie. Although no where near as bad as being threaded!!! It took a little while to finish them and I was more than delighted when I got to look in the mirror. 

I am totally happy with the results. I had them done a few days ago so I am still in the sexy slightly scabby stage at the moment, but i suffered no pain after, no swelling, no nothing! Amazing. I am healing really well and I can't wait to see them fully settled. 

I would recommend The Contour Clinic to anyone thinking of getting semi permanent cosmetics such as eyebrows, eye liner or lip liner. I love the fact I can save time in the morning because the brows are already there. Hells yeah!

Here is my after picture.

For lots lots more of The Contour Clinics before and afters and testimonials and prices etc visit the facebook here. 
If you are thinking about cosmetic tattooing or want any more information like how long they last and more click here. This is written alot better than I could put it.

I'll post healed pictures up very soon!
Lots of love
Aimie xxx
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