Thursday, 29 November 2012

Xmas Party Outfit Blogger Challenge

How fun is this?
Fashion Vouchers Have come up with a brill little competition. 

So what did you have to do? Well you had to find a Christmas party outfit for less that £100. Which is a lot harder than it looks. You could choose to get your outfit from any one of their brands and you were allowed to use any vouchers but they had to be running at that time, they are checking! 

I was umming and aahing over whether to go for Warehouse but decided to go for the brand Fashion Union. Their clothing is all very well priced and I knew with a bit of searching I could definitely find the outfit for me! 
This is what I went for....

Why did I choose these then? 
I'm loving sequins so much right now they had to go in there, plus being massively on trend. Because a bit of the old tum tum is being flashed I chose to go for leggings. Again Disco pants are hot right now and do wonders for my bum! haha. 
Now I don't want to get cold on route to my Christmas party so the jacket was a must. Again peplums bang on trend and they also do wonders for my figure as the peplum part flares me out where I need it making my silhouette  much more feminine. 
Has anyone seen these badboy Loubs? 

£45 rather than a grand odd? AMAZING!!!
And then obciously I had to go for tan to get me bronzed as my skin is practically see through at this time of year!

So there you have it! I love this outfit and if I did win the vouchers I'd most definatley be spending it with Fashion Union!!

What do you think guys?
Have you done yours? Send me links :-)

Lots of Love Aimie xxxx

Tuesday, 27 November 2012

THE best strip lash glue.

This is it! I have been searching for a while for the 'one' and I've finally found it. It can be bought here. You can get it for a measly £9.00 and for a 14g tube that's pretty darn good! 
Most lash brands come with teency tiny little tubes of mediocre glue that never lasts all night and isn't particularly great to use. 
Using the tube takes a little getting used to as it's really easy to squeeze that little too hard and floods of it come out of the end. You need to be very gentle. 
I work as a beauty therapist as you may or may not know and we use this!
The smell is a tad fishy....but as it dries the smell completely disappears. It also dries clear. 
This is really strong and really flexible and you seriously don't need to worry about the corners of your lashes peeling as they absolutely won't!
Don't beleive me?
Try it yourself!

Lots of love
Aimie xxxx

Have you tried this glue already? I'd love to know :-) x

Thursday, 15 November 2012

The 99p Dress. has got every woman in the UK in a right stir! And I have got myself in on the action!
The 99p dress is actually a dress for 99p!!!!

Nude in colour with gorgeous gold sequins it was featured on This Morning this morning (haha) and within seconds the website crashed with thousands of bargain hunters wanting a piece of the action.

OMG fashion couldn't really wish for better coverage then by releasing a dress for just 99p!! There has been massive demand with the dress selling out in. They have received hundreds of complaints from unhappy shoppers that simply were not quick enough to get their hands on this beauty. With money being tight for every one over the past few years we have all turned to bargain hunting so no wonder everyone wants a piece of the action!
This dress is great for those girls who tend to wear a dress once and then throw it away. I have ruined dresses due to drinks being spilled,  colourful cocktails  don’t really work on a cream dress.  If you are going on a last minute night out and can’t afford a new dress 99p isn’t going to break the bank. This dress is the ultimate in throw away fashion, I don’t think it helps that you never see a celeb in the same dress twice. To me having a new dress every time you go makes you feel good and everyone wants to feel special. It makes me wonder if this dress is mass produced to a huge scale to keep costs as low as this.
Peplums and Sequins are massive business this season so what better than a bang on trend item like this? With the Essex look being classed as glamorous many girls will want to recreate the look and how easy is that with this dress?
My experience of the dress has been great and I have honestly loved it. It fits beautifully, although I would say their sizes may be a tiny bit small. The sparkle from the sequins is unbelievable, they look a really high quality and aren’t loose at all, so I wouldn’t worry about any falling off. It has a lovely heart cut out in the back which is very eye catching and unusual. The dress is great for my figure as I am quite a boyish shape, I have good boobs and a good behind but rather small hips. The peplum detail gives the illusion of a more feminine shape, which is great for me. The dress only goes to a size 14, even though the UK average is a 16 which is disappointing.
The skirt did like to ride up slightly, however I have much more expensive dresses that do the same, I don’t think this is due to the manufacture but the shape of the dress, the way we move in fitted dresses generally causes the skirt to ride up, so this isn't a massive issue for me.
I have only one problem. The seam inside the dress where the peplum sides are attached are a little scratchy, but not unbearable to the point that it is all you can think about whilst you are wearing it. To be honest though can we complain when it costs less than a pound!?!?!?! I'm saying a big fat NO!
This dress is a success for me. I'm totally and utterly in love. I wasn’t expecting much for the price but I was pleasantly surprised. I would definitely buy for myself and my sparkle loving friends! It is great value for money and could easily pass for a £30-50 dress.
Marks out of 10 for Appearance are 10, Fit 8, Quality 8 and Sizing 7. 

Did any one else manage to get one? Leave comments below.
Sending all my love.
Aimie xxx

Laura Paige Nail Varnish

I am so loving these polishes at the mo! Laura Paige in Pink Panic and MUA in Pistachio Ice Cream. I just want to eat them as candy colours are still huge for me right now. Nom.

I won't talk too much about the MUA colour as the bloggers have gone wild for their products as of late. We all know they are cheap, cheerful and utterly fantastic for the price so need I say more? I remember working as a beauty specialist in Superdrug and being so excited and part of the anticipation for the release about 2 years ago. I was like a kid in a sweet shop when we finally got our little hands on their products.

However, on to Laura Paige. I don't know about anyone else but as a small child I only thought this brand and Maxfactor existed as this was all my mother used. She used everything from their lipsticks to blushes to mascara. To me Laura Paige has always seemed old fashioned and from about the age of 11 until now I didn't see it....anywhere! Recently Co-op pharmacies have condensed their cosmetic stands and brought in this. You will be pleased to know that they do not test on animals.
Looking at the packaging and brand image they still look a little dated to me. However the price and product quality speaks for itself. I picked up this polish for under £2.50 which is fantastic really. It is made to quite a high quality. I have been wearing this polish on both my hands and toes for a few days and it is still going strong. I'm still chip free, and I work in a beauty salon and my nails get ruined in next to no time! This polish is much better than other high street brands such as Barry M, which I find doesn't apply well or last!

Laura Paige stockists can be found here.

So if you are looking for a new well priced cosmetic brand I highly recommend giving this a try! After all if we are all willing to allow MUA a place in our make up bags why not allow the vintage LP?
If you have used their products before how have you found them? I would love to know. Please leave any comments below.

Love you all lots, as always,
Aimie xxxxx

Sunday, 4 November 2012

Liebster Award! Horrah!!

I've been nominated by the lovely Joedi from the Chit Chat Beauty Blog for a Liebster award which I am so chuffed about!! This is my first tag! Thank you so much!!

The Rules:

Post 11 random facts about yourself
Answer 11 questions form the person who tagged you
Create 11 new questions for who you tag
Tag 11 blogs with under 200 followers, no tag backs

So these are my 11 random facts:
  • I still have a teddy, his name is Charles and my boyfriend hates sharing a bed with him. 
  • I own over 40 bottles of fragrance.
  • I'm an absolute clean freak!! Almost to the point of OCD.
  • I am an IBS sufferer and have to dose up on medication just to survive each day. 
  • I currently live in the city and dream of moving back to the seaside where I grew up.
  • I am a trained beauty therapist and my favorite treatment to perform is HD brows. 
  • I love tattoos, although I only have 4, one of which goes down my neck and expands across my back. 
  • I constantly think of money and wish for more. 
  • I am a human magpie. Anything that glitters or sparkles and Im on it. 
  • I can't survive without false nails. 
  • I wear too many hair extensions and can't wait to get them out at the end of each day.

These are my 11 questions from my tagger:

1) What is your most daring lipstick you own?
I'm not very daring when it comes to lip colours as neutral colours suit me best. However I do have a pure glitter lipstick that comes out for fancy dress parties as it is WILD!!!
2) Were you into beauty when you were at school?
Yes, I was always looking at everyone else, copying what they did trying to learn different looks! Although my face soooo did not match my face as a teen!

3) Who is your favorite comedian?
This is hard! Anyone who makes me cringe usually wins. Umm I am going to say Lee Evans!!
4) Do you prefer a smokey eye or bold lip?
A smoky eye any day. I feel as though my eyes are my best feature so I like to show them off. 

5) Whats the scariest thing you've ever done?
To me...having my wisdom teeth taken out, it's that scary I haven't done it yet....
6) What is your number one hair care product?
Treseme freeze hold hairspray. Keeps my hair from going wild in the amazing welsh weather. 
7) What is you favorite thing about autumn? 
That bed always feels so much better as it's so warm and cosy. Also Christmas preparation...I love it.
8) If you could go anywhere in the world where would you go?
Japan. I would have so much fun there and the shopping would be immense!!!
9) What is your favorite musical?
I'm not a musicals kinda girl, however I do love Little Shop of Horrors.
10) Are you a big kid at Christmas? 
Yes yes yes!! It's me and boyfriends first Christmas living together this year and I can't wait!!!!

11) Would you rather give up your fashion or make up? 
Fashion because I look like absolute shit without make up haha. 

My 11 questions:

  1. If you were stuck on a desert island and could only take 3 items, what would they be?
  2. If you could swap places with any celebrity for a day who would you choose?
  3. What is your no.1 beauty item?
  4. What item in your wardrobe do you wear over and over again?
  5. Tell us a secret not many people know.
  6. What is your dream job?
  7. If you won the lottory what would you do with your winnings?
  8. If a chef could cook you up a meal of anything at all what would you choose?
  9. What is your favorite fragrance?
  10. What is your absolute pet hate?
  11. What is more important? Looks or personality?

My 11 tags:

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