Thursday, 21 March 2013

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So I know I am a little slow here but I have been really busy. If GFC is going to leave us, here are some ways to follow me to keep in touch!

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Tuesday, 12 March 2013

MUA undress me too palette review.

So I posted on Facebook the other night that I was seriously debating buying the Urban Decay Naked 2 pallette and following the crowd like a sheep.
I'm not going to talk about naked 2 because it is a real cult product and has been reviewed 654648382353537382927392863546484829 times.

So my friend who I used to work in Superdrug with said I should buy the MUA palette and that she would make my boyfriend (who also works for Superdrug) buy it for me.
I forgot all about it until he came home with one yesterday, and to be honest on first impressions I was impressed. All the golds, bronzes and deep browns are perfect for me and are my favourite colours to wear. It cost £4!!


I wore it this morning and it went on beautifully. The pigments are great and the more shimmery colours are just gorgeous. I've swatched all the colours for you to see the great the not so great. 80% of the colours I will use which is great for a palette because sometimes a lot don't get used.
To be honest my desire to buy the Naked 2 palette has died because these two are practically identical! And the price difference is just unbelievable. So thanks Lorna, I love it!

MUA swatches. 

Urban Decay Swatches.

Girls have you tried this? What are your thoughts? I would recommend this to anyone!

Lots of love Aimie xxxxx

Saturday, 9 March 2013

Fake Bake flawless tan review.

So this tan was top of my list when I went to the beauty show, I saw it on one of the girls in work and the colour was so perfect and bronzed I knew I had to get some.

I got it at trade price as I am in the trade however you can pick it up in boots for a pretty reasonable price.
It comes packaged with gloves, a gorgeously soft tanning mitt, the tan and a spray pump. The best ways to apply are by spraying the tan onto the mitt and applying to exfoliated skin in circular motions. This allows you to apply it evenly. It can also be poured into your tan gun bottle (for those of us who have tanning machines) and sprayed on, although you will get a lot more out of your bottle by using the mitt as you can loose a fair bit due to overspray on the machine.

So this is me before. And yes I am genuinely that pale, I haven't edited my photos in ANY way. 

So how did it apply? Well simply fantastically! It blended brilliantly and barely streaked.

Did it dry quickly? Super quickly, as soon as I started tanning the other arm/leg it was pretty much dry through, amazing because you can put your clothes back on straight away and it doesn't transfer.

What's the colour like? A gorgeous natural (not orange) bronzed result. Not the darkest tan by far but it gives a subtle colour, great if natural is your thing. 

How does it smell? Like coconut goodness! Not that horrible biscuit smell we have all become accustomed to!

What is it like as it fades? It actually fades out well, you don't get white patches in the creases of your elbows first etc. It actually fades out pretty evenly. 


So it's fair to say I'm very happy with this tan and I will continue to use it and love it.
Have you used this tan before and what are your thoughts? If not what is your all time favourite tan?
My next tan to try and review is going to be a newish brand URBAN TAN in their darkest shade SUNSET. I literally can not wait to roll around in it and become the bronzed goddess I should have been born as! 

Lots of love Aimie xxxxx
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