All about Aimie!

I'm Aimie Victoria and welcome to Aimie Victoria's Secrets!!!
Im 26 and from South Wales, UK.

Easiest way to describe me would be fun loving beauty mad shoe addict!! I love chic sophisticated yet edgy fashion. Id say my ultimate style idol is Kylie Jenner. That hair and the outfits!!!

I am a fully qualified beauty therapist with many years experience in the industry, so I am extremely passionate about all things beauty. I specialise in lashes, brows and nails. I love my work and you can see a wide selection of it on my portfolio tab at the top of the page.

I am also on a health and fitness journey at the moment so fitness will also be playing a bigger part in my blog and my physiotherapy journey. For many years I studied classical Russian ballet which has taken its toll on my body massively, mainly my knees and spine. Only problem is I think I may be becoming totally crazy for sports wear and cute trainers!

I'm thinking of going into Vlogging so that may be something to feature on the blog very soon.

Lastly I enjoy nothing more than eating great food in original restaurants and having a great time!!

Thanks for reading

Love you all lots.
Aimie xx  


  1. ON your say so,tried these nails purchased at excel.What can i say WOW matched my outfit perfect.So pleased have purchased another five sets.Service great delivery quick many thanks.

    1. So glad you got yourself some, they really are great are't they!?


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