Thursday, 27 August 2015

ARK skin perfector hydration injection masque review.

Hi guys!! 
I've been having serious skin issues lately. I mean like hello pizza face skin issues. What really troubles me is that I have had great skin all my life. It's always been clear, spot free and just generally lovely. I hit 25 and it all went downhill. I know a lot of it is hormonal however I'm doing all I can to try and keep my skin care routine as beneficial as I possibly can. 
Over the past year I've tried everything. I've been using spot preventing oil free products to try and calm it to no avail. I was still oily in my typical problem areas (forehead and chin) and then extremely dry across my cheeks and nose. NOT GOOD!! So I know that oil free products for my problem skin are a no no because my skin needed serious hydration. 

So looking at ARKs hydration injection masque on first appearance it seems great. Hydration! It claims to have "innovative formulations created with natural ingredients for beautifully healthy skin". It also says on the packaging that it's free from many things I hate. Parabens, a massive no no for me due to its hideous cancer causing reputation. Alcohol which can be drying. Sulphates, a synthetic detergent which can strip your skin of moisture. It has no artificial fragrances or colours and it boasts that it is made in Britain. These are all very important factors to me and I believe should be to us all. 

Packaging: When I got hands on with this product I firstly noticed how hard it was to open, which after being opened two or three times is now fine and pops straight open. The packaging is simple and chic. White and embossed with silver it looks beautiful on the dresser.  

Smell: Gorgeous. Being a beauty therapist I've smelled many many products used in spas and this smells just like it could be in a spa. It smells like the beautiful aromatherapy oils we use and I COULDN'T WAIT to get it on my skin. 

Texture: Feels like an oily gel. Glides right across the skin like silk. A little goes a long way. You can almost feel your skin tightening as it drys. Very sticky until dry but dries quickly so I didn't find his an issue at all. 

Results: As a twenty something it reccomends it's left on the skin for approximately 5 minutes, removed with a hot cloth and patted dry. It also says it can be used overnight for a more intensive treatment. I chose to do this. 
Myself aged 26 and my mother aged 50 both tried this as an overnight treatment. I could really smell it as I got into bed which was really pleasant and nice to drop off to. When I woke in the morning my skin looked NOTICABLY smoother. My pores looked much tighter, my eye bags were a hell of a lot less obvious. My skin felt beautifully soft and hydrated and I also noticed a slight decrease in the colour of some of my spot redness. It has a hyaluronic acid booster to drench skin with moisture, optimising the circulation of water through all skin layers and providing 24 hour protection against water loss. Also my makeup the next morning applied much better than usual. My skin felt great. Simple. 
My mother noticed very similar results although she woke up with much more noticeable tightness even to the point where both women and men were asking what she had done as she looked really bright and fresh. She noted the same as me when it came to scent, makeup application in the morning, much tighter eye bags etc. She loved it so much she wants her own bottle and I will definatley be purchasing again. 

So to conclude my review, would I buy again? YES. Would I reccomend to others? YES! There are so many products around now days that promise so much and deliver so little. To come across a product such as this that actually genuinely delivers is incredible.
ARK have a full range of products over on their website 
I know you won't regret it! 

Look how smooth my skin looks after using it! 

Let me know if you have tried and love it or if you have your own miracle skincare products you love. Either comment below or tweet me @aimsie 

Lots of love Aimie. 

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