Sunday, 30 December 2012


It's a Sunday which means no make up! Lush!
As you can see underneath all the double wear I'm a freckle monster. I had my lashes done yesterday which I am so excited about, I couldn't have them done for Christmas as the salon was just too busy and me and Sam were beyond rushed off our feet. Yesterday was a bit more mellow so we managed to beautify one another. These lashes are the Let's Go lashes (previously Blink and Go) from Nouveau. As you can see they are gorgeous. I have a glamorous set on at the mo so I look like Daisy the Cow. They are so comfortable though and I usually get 2 weeks of wear out of them. Visit my salons website The lash and Brow Boutique for more. You can also see a massive range of my work on my Twitter, Facebook or Instagram.

Amazing huh?
Do you ever wear individual false lashes? How do you find them?
Lots of Love Aimie xxx

New Years Competition.

To say a massive Thank you for all the support this year and to celebrate many more fabulous times for 2013 I think it is only fair I host a GIVEAWAY!!!

The prizes are 

  • Beyonce Pulse 30ml fragrance. 

"Reflective of Beyoncé’s incredible energy and powerful femininity, the fresh notes in Beyoncé Pulse intermingle to create a unique citrus, floral gourmand, anchored by Beyoncé’s favourite flower, the orchid."

  • LUSH Vanilla Dee-lite body lotion. 

"Spring water, hibiscus infusion and coconut water are made into a loose emulsion with extra virgin coconut oil, cocoa butter, illipe butter and tamanu oil. We then add blended kiwi fruit and lashings of our Vanillary fragrance. A lotion with a light touch, that will soften and fragrance the skin all day. Or all night, if you prefer. Kiwi fruit is full of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. It also has an enzyme that helps dissolve dead skin."

  • Bloom Liquid Lipstick in Blossom.

"The rich color coverage of a lipstick with the moisturising high sheen of a gloss. Fool-proof modern application, just twist up, and the liquid lipstick appears on the sponge tip applicator.  No mess, no fuss, ultra comfortable on the lips."

  • Girls Aloud Lashes. Nadine. 

"Eylure Girls Aloud Nadine false eyelashes are designed to enhance the natural beauty of your eyes."

  • Topshop Robot bracelet. 

  • 1 Nail related Suprise!!

The competition will be running until Thursday the 17th January 2013. This gives everyone the chance to enter. You can tweet about the giveaway once a day to help improve your chances :-)
I've kept it nice and simple as no one wants too much fuss.

I'm using rafflecopter as it is the most fair way and gives everyone an equal chance. 
Good luck!!!

Lots of Love

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Stuck for a dress for New Years Eve?

Hi everyone, 
Firstly I want to say I hope you have all had a Merry Merry Christmas and a happy and fun filled new year. 
It goes without saying that your outfit for NYE should be packed to the brim with BLING!!!! I've been having a little nosey around and come up with a few lovely outfits for you all for inspiration. 

Low price Sophistication [OMG Fashion] 

Blingy Bargain! [Celebrity Boutique]

Elegant Bling [Lipsy]

Playful Bling [Topshop]

Beautiful Bling [Topshop]

Backless Delight [ASOS]

I have the Peplum of this [BooHoo]

So there it is. Black, gold and red are big business this party season and my choices reflect that! I'm still a little stuck for ideas this year. I have loads of outfits but just don't know what to choose!
What is your favorite dress from the collection?
I can't decide between Topshop's beautiful bling and Asos' Backless delight!!!

Have a happy new year guys and girls!
Lot's of Love
Aimie xxxx

Thursday, 27 December 2012

Avon Moroccan Argan Oil review.

I never usually buy anything from Avon because I'm more of a try before you buy kinda girl, but I could't turn my nose up at trying this. Working in a beauty salon that stocks the MOROCCAN OIL I know just how fantabby dozy this stuff really is. It can minimise split ends, make my hair look not only sleeker but softer too and will cut down on drying time (not that it makes a massive difference to me as my hair takes an age to dry regardless).

The original Moroccan oil products smell amazing but truth be told the Avon products smell even better. The scent is gorgeous and fresh and leaves your hair smelling amazing! The shampoo lathered up quickly and I didn't need much to get all of my massive main bubbly, so a little goes a long way. The bubbles even felt silky. The conditioner was great, I popped a little in my hands and ran my fingers through the ends of my hair and left for a few minutes. When rinsing out it felt great, you can always tell if you have used a great conditioner as your washing it out. No, just me?
After I towel dried my hair I popped a 10p piece size of argan oil into my palms, rubbed them together and applied by running my fingers through my hair concentrating on the ends. 

As I dried my hair I noticed It looked a little sleeker, as it is usually a wild frizzy mess. It dried slightly quicker, although not noticeably quicker. After my hair was dried and styled it felt amazing. Finally there is a cheaper more accessible version of Moroccan oil for us folks who can't buy the "best" every time. 
Pound for pound and value for money wise this is fantastic and I will use again. It's very rich and great for dryer hair in need of TLC. The condition of my hair is pretty good, so I will stick to using it every now and again when my hair needs that bit of a pamper. 

Avon have done fantastically well here and have gained a new happy customer in the form of me! The website rates it 4.7 out of 5 and I totally agree!
You can see the products here.
Currently on offer you can get the whole lot for less than a tenner! 'Mazin!

Lots of Love Aimie xxxx

What I got for Christmas

Hello lovely readers!
I hope you have all been spoilt rotten this christmas I sure have and I want for nothing right now, except maybe a pair of black disco pants. But that's another story.
So I did write a little Christmas list this year, which I posted here!!!
My main wants from my list were the big bling ring I have wanted for years from Swarovski. A Mulberry purse, Alien EDP fragrance, a sequin jacket and a Tiffany bracelet.
Did I get them? Hell yes, and more!! I'm so lucky :-)

Please do not see this as me bragging, as I don't get nice things very often as most months my wages just about cover my bills. I'm doing this because every one loves a good nosey :-)

There it is! I can officially die happy! Thanks so so so so much to my amazing boyfriend Carl.

I also got some earrings to go with this!
My last Tiffany died a glorious death after a few years of service! Thanks Nanny and Papa!

This jacket is officially being worn to death now :-) Thanks to my lovely Mummy.

Thanks to my lovely clients in work I managed to buy myself this today in John Lewis. SO IN LOVE!!!

I bought this as a cheeky little present for myself Christmas eve, hehe. Thanks me.

I got some LUSH goodies too, which have already been wrapped in cling film to keep them fresh and smelling amazing!! Thankyou so much to Carls Dad and lovely new partner Jane for these. I can't go a Christmas without Lush!

And Thanks again to Nanny and Papa for this. I'll let you in on a little secret. It's fake but when It looks so good who cares I mean really?!
I also got some amazing other goodies like a Darth Vader replica light sabre, perfumes, a hilarious photo frame that looks like an innocent pair of Chinese girls, however they aren't so innocent. Purely amazing!
I also got a candle in a tea cup, gorgeous peplum top, Percy Pig goodies, Jewellery, Gorgeous Christmas stars handmade by Carls Niece and Nephew and more!
I have been spoilt rotten, and in return my family have been spoilt beyond rotten by me, so I am now officially a broke ass bitch.
In the new year I am going to save for a real Michael Kors watch which I am dying for. Can't wait!

Just to up the cute factor here is a picture of Carls Beautiful Niece in the princess coat we bought her!

What did you lovely lot get off Santa? I'd love to know!!
Lots of Love
Aimie xxxx

Sunday, 23 December 2012

Anyone remember my 99p dress review?

Well it's finally hit the papers. 

My mother saw it before I did and rang me all excited telling me the news, I forgot she was a keen newspaper reader. I cringed a little thinking of what I could have possibly looked like but I'm pretty pleased, I don't look too bad. PHEW!!

You can read my full review here!!!

Lots of Love 
Aimie xxxx

Sunday, 16 December 2012

Trying to grow out a fringe?!

I seem to do this every winter....
I get bored of my hair and decide getting a fringe would be a FANTASTIC idea, although in reality it really isn't. Fringes are not only a nightmare to style everyday, they need constant trimming and when you are trying to grow them out you look like a complete idiot....Well...At least I do. 
I'm becoming a bit of a pro at hiding the fact I have a fringe that is just that little bit too long as I've done it three winters on the trot I think now. So for any of you trying to grow out a nightmare fringe I have put together a few of my favorite hairstyles that actually look great when it is at that inbetweeny stage. 
Here are some of my most worn hair styles. 

 So first of all we have the side fringe, as it gets longer it looks better. I have simply just pulled all my hair at the front to the side, I've pulled in some longer bits to add the illusion of length. 

This is the put up with it and look through the gaps look. Gives me a headache but some days you really just can't be bothered.

Curtains . Not as uncool as they used to be. It definatley needs a bit of hairspray to hold the fringe pieces apart because obviously by now my hair is trained to fall straight down and not parted. This is my favorite way to wear my hair.

The plait. If your fringe is still too short to do this cheat and use a strip of hair extensions. Just plait to the bottom, place by your temples, pin in and let your hair fall over either side to hide. You can see where one of my clips is in this picture to give you more of an idea. 

The twist. Literally takes two seconds to pull back, twist and pin. I have so much baby hair that it just ruins this look for me. 

 This is by far the easiest, just comb your fringe back and pin. Simple. My girl crush Cheryl Cole has her styled like this in the new L'oreal Ad so what is there not to like??

Are there any other styles you lovely lot like when growing out a fringe? I'd love to hear your ideas and tips as I'm going crazy with the thing right now! And sorry if I've thrown in a couple of duck face poses in there! mm sexy.

Lots of Love
Aimie xxx

Saturday, 15 December 2012

Santa, I've been soooooo good!

Dear Santa, 
Please may I Have the following gifts, I have been a really really good girl ALL year so please can I see a few of these under my tree?
Remember the time I tracked down the girl who had lost her purse with over £50 in it a few weeks ago? That was good. 
Remember how I'm super nice? 
Here is some reasons why I want these lovelies. 

1. Swarovski Ring. Don't sweat too much on this one. My boyfriend Carl has been harassed for this beauty for many months. 

2. Mulberry purse. I know where to get great replicas!

3. Alien EDP. My favorite fragrance ever!

4. Mac lipsticks. Any pastel shades will do me. Or even another Lady Gaga one is fine, mines pretty low. 

5. The ultimate in sparkly blazers. Hint has been sent to mother bear. 

6. Gel polish colours. I can never get my nails done in work so I need more colours for my home collection!

7. Yankee Fruit Fusion candle. Omg NOM

8. A new Tiffany. Mine is battered and nearly dead. 

Thanks Santy Claus. 

Lots of Love Aimie 
Age 23


.....Never too old. 

Thursday, 6 December 2012

Get to know me a little better!

  1.  Name; Aimie Victoria Wheatley 
  2. Location; Cardiff in Wales, originally and still missing Llantwit Major 
  3. Age; 23
  4. Are you in a relationship? Yes, with the loveliest boy ever Carl who I also live with.
  5. Are you a morning or night person? Neither I'm knackered during both! I'm more a mid afternoon kind of person!
  6. A big poofy dress or a short party dress? Obviously a big massive princessy dress.
  7. Are diamonds a girl's best friend? No not really, unless we are talking Swarovski Crystals now those really are!
  8. Is your hair up or down today? Down with wavy curls just how I like it.
  9. Do you straighten your hair? No, I use straighteners to curl my mane and sort out my fringe, other than that I don't do straight hair. Not me....
  10. Favorite mascara? This is hard as I have used a couple of really good ones I can't narrow it down to just one. Favorite cheap one is Ms Sporty Studio Lash Mascara. My favorite high price one is probably YSL's False Lash effect. 
  11. Do you get your nails done? I do otherwise they are soft and bendy from years of wearing acrylics. I'm currently off the acrylics (how long that will last I don't know) and wearing just gel polish which is Shellac at the moment.
  12. Small or large purses? Large ones. Got to get it all in!
  13. Jeans or sweats? It depends on the situation, I mean sweats at home obviously!
  14. Do you wear clothes/shoes/jewelry that's uncomfortable? Being a woman I do this all the time. Heels is a massive example!
  15. Are you a collector of anything? I used to collect the Gwen Stefani Harajuku fragrances, but I tend to just collect fragrances in general. I have nearly 40 bottles.
  16. Whats your favorite color? Pink. The one and only. 
  17. Heels or flats? For day to day, nice cwtchy flats because I do loads of walking and being a beauty therapist I'm on my feet all the time! And heels for a night out...flats simply won't do.
  18. Would you ever leave the house without makeup on? Hell no. Feel free to have your own opinion on that but I know I look like a see through corpse with none on, and I really don't want to offend any ones eyes. 
  19. If you were given 1 million pounds, what do you spend it on? Firstly give everyone in my family a couple of grand each to do what they want with. The usual car, holiday and house for me and Carl. A new wardrobe, I would also open up my own insane beauty salon and tattoo studio. I would donate to my charities and stash the rest and live off the interest.
  20. Do you own any big sunglasses? Who doesn't?
  21. How long does it take you to get ready in the morning? About an hour by the time I have faffed with everything. Although I managed it in 20 the other day when I got up late for work!
  22. Have any celebrity crushes? Danny O'Donoughue is my dream man. Followed by Hugh Jackman.
  23. Do you like to wear dresses? All the time :-)
  24. List 3 of your best personality traits; Caring, Helpful and Loving.
  25. List 3 of your worst personality traits; Care too much what others think of me, Perfectionist to the point of OCD and clumsy.
  26. What do you notice when you first meet someone? Do they make me laugh? and I will look at their overall look and steal any cool style ideas. 
  27. Name 1 thing you love about being an adult; I can literally do whatever I want.
  28. Would you kill for chocolate? No but I can throw a massively impressive bitch fit for some.
  29. On a scale from 1-10 how fun is shopping? If I have money 10!
  30. What would be your dream job? It's hard because I want to do a million things like tv presenter, beauty journalist, Salon owner, teacher etc. the list goes on.
  31. What's your favorite thing to do on a Saturday night? Have loads of junk food and relax after a long busy day in work.
  32. Have you ever dressed unlike yourself to impress a guy? Anyone who says they haven't is a lie. 
  33. What makeup could you not live without? Mascara and Estee Lauder double wear. I get the sweats when either are running out. 
  34. Do you fall in love easily? With food or things yes. People no because there is so much to know about someone. Except Carl, I realise I loved him at first sight (soppy bitch!)
  35.  If you could have 3 wishes granted, what would they be? 1. For every single person on this earth to be peaceful, happy and fed.  2. For me and my family to never have to want for anything.  3.That when people died they weren't actually gone.
  36. A photo that best describes you;

I think It's about time you all got to know me a little better. Hope that helps as It's always good to know our bloggers a little better.
Lots of Love
Aimie xxx
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