Thursday, 27 December 2012

Avon Moroccan Argan Oil review.

I never usually buy anything from Avon because I'm more of a try before you buy kinda girl, but I could't turn my nose up at trying this. Working in a beauty salon that stocks the MOROCCAN OIL I know just how fantabby dozy this stuff really is. It can minimise split ends, make my hair look not only sleeker but softer too and will cut down on drying time (not that it makes a massive difference to me as my hair takes an age to dry regardless).

The original Moroccan oil products smell amazing but truth be told the Avon products smell even better. The scent is gorgeous and fresh and leaves your hair smelling amazing! The shampoo lathered up quickly and I didn't need much to get all of my massive main bubbly, so a little goes a long way. The bubbles even felt silky. The conditioner was great, I popped a little in my hands and ran my fingers through the ends of my hair and left for a few minutes. When rinsing out it felt great, you can always tell if you have used a great conditioner as your washing it out. No, just me?
After I towel dried my hair I popped a 10p piece size of argan oil into my palms, rubbed them together and applied by running my fingers through my hair concentrating on the ends. 

As I dried my hair I noticed It looked a little sleeker, as it is usually a wild frizzy mess. It dried slightly quicker, although not noticeably quicker. After my hair was dried and styled it felt amazing. Finally there is a cheaper more accessible version of Moroccan oil for us folks who can't buy the "best" every time. 
Pound for pound and value for money wise this is fantastic and I will use again. It's very rich and great for dryer hair in need of TLC. The condition of my hair is pretty good, so I will stick to using it every now and again when my hair needs that bit of a pamper. 

Avon have done fantastically well here and have gained a new happy customer in the form of me! The website rates it 4.7 out of 5 and I totally agree!
You can see the products here.
Currently on offer you can get the whole lot for less than a tenner! 'Mazin!

Lots of Love Aimie xxxx


  1. Looks interesting...

  2. Aimie honey I followed you back! Dont you have Twitter?? xx

  3. I need to try this range!!

    1. You will love it. I guarentee!
      I'll pop on over to your blog now for a little nosey :-)
      Lots of Love Aimie x

  4. I have the conditioner and it is amazing! x

  5. This sounds really good! I'm always looking for new hair products so maybe I should give this a try! :)x

    1. For the tiny price you would pay it is defo worth it!
      Lots of Love Aimie xxx


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