Thursday, 31 January 2013

Dandy Rocks jewellery review.

So the lovely folks at Dandy Rocks kindly sent me some gorgeous earrings to try and I love them! Dandy Rocks make handmade modern jewellery with a vintage twist. 
They were sent in a lovely pink and leopard print package, which is very me. 

I received some gorgeous candy skull earrings. I adore them! These are going to look so good when I finally dye my hair pink in the next week or two. 

They are extremely well made and I can tell they are going to last quite a while. These aren't too heavy which is great because you can wear them comfortably and they do not irritate at all. This is ideal for me as my lobes aren't great due to wearing stretch piercings for a while. All pieces are extremely well priced and the customer service is top notch. 

As you can see I am very happy with my new beauties! I want to say a massive thanks to Dandy Rocks and I will be using yourselves again :-) Check them out for some really great items at brilliant prices! 

Dandy Rocks Facebook: Dandy Rocks Jewellery
Dandy Rocks Twitter: @DandyRocksUK

Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Liebster Award no. 2!

Wooohooooo! I've been nominated for another Liebster Award by the lovely Emma from the Not your Average Blog found here. 

The Liebster award is passed on through the blogging community for bloggers with under 200 GFC followers, helping to promote their blog. The rules are pretty simple & easy to follow so here goes...

The Rules:

Post 11 random facts about yourself
Answer 11 questions form the person who tagged you
Create 11 new questions for who you tag
Tag 11 blogs with under 200 followers, no tag backs

So here are my 11  facts about me: 

1. I am a spectacularly bad parker, I guarantee where ever you see my park it WILL be parked on the wonk.
2. I have an extremely irrational fear of E.t that has haunted me since childhood, and It still disturbs me to this day.
3. I talk to myself....ALOT
4. I obsess over food and love looking for new recipes because I used to be a terrible cook.
5. I have a degree in Radio Broadcasting.
6. I want to be a teacher, or a supermodel....but the latter isn't going to happen.
7. I'm addicted to Blue WKD yet I'm not 14!
8. I have great boobs but would still love a boob job!
9. If I wasn't a beauty therapist I would have loved to have been a tattooist.
10. I get easily bored with my hair and change it often.
11. I used to be in massive amounts of debt due to uni life and being rubbish with money, I can happily say I am much better and am almost out of it.

Questions from Emma:

1. What do you prefer ... Coffee or Tea?
I don't drink either. YES I am weird, I know.

2. If you were to live using only 3 beauty products, what would they be?
Estee Lauder Double wear foundation, Mascara, and Sleeks brown eyebrow pencil!

3. What is your most worn pair of shoes?
My super comfy boots from New Look.

4. What colour jewellery do you wear most?
I have half and half gold and silver. For work days It's gold, days off it is my silver Tiffany bracelet and Swarovski ring set on a silver band.

5. What (or who) inspired you to make a blog? 
Mainly my love for all things beautiful, the fact I a bit of an over sharer and my belief that I am a fountain of useless knowledge. 

6. If you could travel the world with 1 person, who would it be?
My bestest fweind Holly, because we would have a ball!

7. You're hosting a 'Come Dine With Me' party - which 4 Celebrities would you invite?
Karl Pilkington for the entertainment.
Lady Gaga so I could worship her.
Danny O'Donoughue so I could smooch with him. (sorry carl)
Audrey Kitching so we can dye our hair together.

8. Do you regret anything you've ever done / said?
Life is too short for regrets.

9. What is your favourite song of all time?
I could't possibly decide.

10. Do you have any weird habits or skills?
I have a spectacular skill at remembering absolutely pointless shit.

11. If you had £100 to spend right now on, what would you buy?! (share the links with me if you want)
Lots of bikinis for my holiday to Barcelona in the summer!!!

My 11 Questions:

1.Who is your style icon?
2. If you were offered the chance to swap lives with someone would you do it, if so who?
3. What is your dream job?
4. Do you have any weird phobias like me?
5. If you could only eat 1 meal for the rest of your life what would you choose?
6. Favorite fashion item? Can be clothes, shoes or accessories.
7. Would you rather be deaf and dumb or blind?
8. Do you have a special party trick?
9. Would you change any part of your body?
10. If a genie gave you three wishes, what would you wish for?
11.Love or money?


I tag whoever wants to do this, as I have done this once before. You all deserve the Liebster award!

Lots of love Aimie xxxx

Sunday, 27 January 2013

My top 5 Slimming World recipes.

Hi beauties!!!
I don't know if any one loves food posts, but I do, and I quite enjoy doing them too. 
Is any one finding January the LONGEST MONTH EVER?? Seriously I'm fed up now. 

January is know for being the month everyone goes on a massive health and fitness kick. A couple of the girls in work have joined Slimming World and I love listening to them discussing all the recipes they have tried and how nommy and healthy they are!! I got to have a good nosey through one of the recipe books the other day and managed to get a few recipes that I really love and don't make you feel like you are depriving yourself. 

Now I'm only a tiny doot but my diet isn't great, it contains a quite high amount of saturated fat, which is BAD so this needs to change immediately. Turkey dinosaurs ARE NOT HEALTHY! My boyfriend Carl is on a health kick to loose some weight so hence the new healthy attitude. These are my favourite recipes I got from the book! The Chicken, Spinach and Potato curry is TO DIE FOR and I'f off to cook the frittata now. 

Seriously try these. They are just too good!!! If you try any or have any links to super yum but good for the waist recipes leaves me comments or links below. I love hearing from you all. 
If you click on each picture it enlarges it for you so you can read the instructions properly. 

Lots of Love
Aimie xxxx

Thursday, 24 January 2013

You can now follow me on she said beauty!

Follow me HERE!!!!

Hope you enjoy my darlings!!!

I heart Bambi and Manson!

So I have had a deep love and desire for something so hot for a little while now. Bambi and Manson shorts. 
The most amazing, original and definitely individual fashion brand around!

Bambi and Manson are a boyfriend and girlfriend duo who have been hand customising denim short shorts for the last year and a half, before everyone and anyone was doing it. They have been worn by many celebs both here in the UK and the great USA and already have a HUGE following. They have also had features in big magazines! 

The demand got so big during last year that the duo simply couldn't meet it and so began the next step into manufacturing their designs. Eeeeee!!!!
Along side this they created a Limited Edition range once a month which were selling stupidly fast! In January the Limited Editions sold out in 20 minutes! And I didn't get my hands on any!! So not fair :-( I could cry myself to sleep over this! Serious now. These are the ones I want more than anything!!!



So Bambi and Manson have a slightly different sizing style...BAMS range in size from XXS-XL, but we all know no girl wants to call herself or even order an XL, so this sizing guide has been completely scrapped! Girls all you have to do is enter your hip and waist measurements when buying and you will get get given the 'SIZE' to buy.
The sizes are : Pixie, Tiger, Fox, Tinks, Kitten and Peachy..... goodbye to Medium, Large, Extra Large.... hello cute name which every girl can be proud of! I think I work out at a fox. How seductive!

And to get me even more excited the LOOKBOOK named 'It girls and Tom boys' will be styled and modelled by my absolute girl crush Audrey Kitching over in New York! Pretty awesome stuff huh? I know I can’t wait!

Due to the high demand Bambi and Manson will be taking pre-orders in the next few weeks before the launch evening and If I don’t get hold of any there will definitely be tears before bedtime. Please don’t let this baby fox cry Bambi and Manson.

Bambi and Manson 
Making the world a hotter place...One girl at a time.

Girls do you want a piece of the action too? I know I do!
Love Aimie!


Twitter: bambi_andmanson

Instagram: bambiandmansonltd

Sunday, 20 January 2013

Pink hair. To dye or not to dye!! Please vote lovely readers.

So as you can see I am truly madly deeply in love with baby pink hair!!! I've wanted it for a while now but I've been sporting dark brown hair for a little while. I'm already starting the process of becoming a blondie again and don't worry about the over processing and my hair becoming split and having to have loads cut off because I work in a salon (so I am in VERY safe hands) and I've done a few strand tests at home with home lightening kits and all is well. I wouldn't do this if I had any doubt. There isn't much colour in my hair at the moment so there isn't a massive amount to remove. I've researched massively on how to create the best results for dying your hair pastel colours. 

Up there for thinking, down there for dancing!

So here are some pictures of me with the dark hair and my shades of blonde I have had before. 

I've already had many votes to go blonde but I haven't asked about the pink. So if you could all vote on my little poll below and comment with any more opinions you have I'd love to hear your thoughts or experiences!
Lots of love Aimie xxx

Thursday, 10 January 2013

Sparkles print-a-nail review.

 click to visit link
  Can I firstly say WOW what amazing customer service I have received from this brilliant company. 
I nearly squealed with joy when I realised my exciting little parcel had arrived yesterday and couldn't wait to do my nails!

I was recommended this brand by one of my lovely clients via twitter, and within minutes they had tweeted me asking did I want to review them, of course I did!!! 
The next job was to decide what design to go for. I didn't want to go for a photo of myself as that is a bit Simon Cowell on the vain scale. So I decided to go for a classic Marilyn Monroe, Diamonds are a girls best friend design. This is very very me, as I am addicted to all things sparkly as you know! Sparkles also enjoyed this as it's something they haven't done before. 

So what is Sparkles Print-a-nail??

Sparkles Print A Nail uses state-of-the-art digital printers to print high quality designs onto stick-on nails. Printed and ready to go in under 10 minutes, fashionable uniquely designed nails now become quick, easy and affordable to all.

Choose from a bank of hundreds of designs or they can print any image you want! Just send them a picture and they will do the rest! Let your imagination run wild!

This is what I received  inside you get nail stickers for 1 day wear, glue for more long lasting wear and a file to buff down any raw edges. 

The instructions were super easy to follow and I found that the nails were very flexible which has made them extremely comfortable to wear.  The quality is really high, the quality or the original image remains intact, there was not a single smudge or chip missing from any of the nails. The sizes of nails you get in the packet are pretty universal and will definitely fit most nails, I didn't have a problem matching them up to my nail size. I didn't need to adjust them at all either, they fit in along my cuticle like a dream. 

When It came to applying them I simply buffed my nails and applied some of the glue to my natural nail, popped them on and applied pressure for 10 seconds and voila onto the next nail. 
It look me literally 10 minutes to measure up nails to fit and to apply. This is amazing if you are 1. lazy or 2. In a rush and need a new look for a night out.

I then finished mine with a Gel Shellac polish and top coated my personalised nails to protect the design and to give the high shine finish that the shellac does. They have a pretty high level of shine in their original state but I wanted protection, especially working in a salon. 
I decided against placing a design on every nail. In my opinion it doesn't look as effective and special. Instead I opted for a few statement nails, this draws more attention to them and stays bang on trend!

So here are my results!!!

How would I rate their customer service? The highest I have ever received!
Would I use Sparkles Print-a-nail again? That is a massive yes!
And would I recommend them to a friend? Hell yes!!!

You can get yourself a full set of 20 nails for just £15! They even accept paypal, which for me is great. Pre-designed nails can be bought for £10 and you can even get little accessories to jazz up your nails like little hearts for a tiny £1!

Girls I haven't been this excited about a new brand for a long time, I predict great things for them and I will be using them again and I hope you will too!

If you have used them or are planning to let me know. 
I love hearing your opinions.

Lots of Love
Aimie xxx

Thursday, 3 January 2013

Guilt free curry recipe!

Hi there lovlies!!

New year is a time for making resolutions and most people tend to go for the "I must loose weight" state of mind. Obviously when trying to diet most people find it hard. SALAD IS BORING!!!

A lovely girl I work with called Sam who did amazingly well last year on the slimming world diet gave me this recipe and I cook it regularly. We all love and crave naughty food whatever our size, so obviously It is great if we can have these foods guilt free!!

This recipe really does taste great, and you know there are no hidden nasties as you are cooking it all from scratch!


Beef stock cube (or chicken if cooking chicken, vegetable if cooking veg, you get me).
Curry powder
Beef (or your chosen meat or veg)
Tinned tomatoes, or tomato puree
Light coconut yoghurt

How to:

  • Start by chopping up your garlic, onions and any other veg you wish to put in such as mushrooms etc. Then add to a hot oiled pan and fry. 


  • Add half a pint of water and your stock cube and boil for 10 minutes. Add peas at this point if you want to add them. 

  • Add 2 heaped table spoons of curry powder and leave for another 5 minutes. 

  • As this is cooking chop your meat into thin strips, this allows it to cook quicker and more evenly. The leaner the meat the better. 

  • Then add your meat to the pan along with your tinned tomatoes / tomato puree and simmer until the meat is cooked through. Cooking it like this will keep it super tender. Be careful not to over cook as this toughens the meat. A few minutes is all that is needed.

  • Once your meat is cooked stir through your coconut milk until hot. Add as much coconut milk as you like, obviously add more if you want to tone down the spice and more if you want much more flavour. 

YUM YUM! There you have it. A healthy, cheap and delicious meal that you won't ever have to feel bad about again! 
Looks like you are going to have to find other ways to be naughty!!!

If you decide to give this a go let me know and feel free to send me pictures too! I'd love to know how you get on!

Happy new year my darlings 
Lots of love Aimie xxx

Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Versatile Blogger Award! :-)

How fabulous!
Firstly I want to say a big thank you to the super lovely Suzie from Miss Beauty Bits . She hasn't been blogging long but is quickly gaining followers and is doing super well. So well done!

It's always nice getting tagged in posts like these, nice to know people are noticing my little blog!

Here's the deal:

- Thank the blogger who has nominated you.

- Share 7 random facts about yourself.
- Nominate 7 fellow bloggers.

- Let the nominated bloggers know that they have been awarded.
- Add the Versatile Blogger badge to your blog! Ta-Dah!
  1. I still have a teddy I love and adore, his name is Charles and he is a bit of a scruffball now. My boyfriend hates him with a passion. 
  2.  I said I wouldn't wear acrylic nails anymore because my nails had become so thin and fragile, but tomorrow I think I'm going to have to put them back on. Sorry. 
  3. City driving scares me. I'm much better off down country lanes. 
  4. I don't care if no one likes Dubstep. I do.....the shame...
  5. Constantly feel like I'm failing in life. I'm not, I'm just impatient and want everything now!
  6. They say the first dream you have in the new year will come true. I hope not...last night I dreamt I was pregnant and the baby gave me a big squisy hernia. Yuk. 
  7. I have a Hello Kitty tattoo which I've had for roughly 6 years. Needs re-doing so so badly. 
My tagged blogs are:
Lots of Love
Aimie xxx

Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Happy New Year beautiful readers!!!

Happy 2013!!!

I hope yours went off with a bang. 

Mine sure did, fireworks erupted and ripped through the sky at midnight, it was an amazing sight from my living room window! My landlord calls the flat "the flat close to heaven" as we are at the highest point in the mansion we live in, our view over looks a massive part of Cardiff and I can even see over some the valleys. So as you can imagine a skyline like that full of 

I want to say thank you to every one supporting my blog so far. I haven't been back blogging for long so I aim to make 2013 fabulous. I hope you will join me too!
I will make a few new years resolutions but I haven't quite decided . Tomorrow is for spring cleaning.... However I do have an ever growing 2013 wishlist which will continue to grow in the opposite direction to my bank balance. 
My highlight of 2012 was moving in with my boyfriend Carl and the Mayans being wrong. HERE'S TO LIFE!
Happy New Year!!
Lots of Love
Aimie xxxx
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