Thursday, 24 January 2013

I heart Bambi and Manson!

So I have had a deep love and desire for something so hot for a little while now. Bambi and Manson shorts. 
The most amazing, original and definitely individual fashion brand around!

Bambi and Manson are a boyfriend and girlfriend duo who have been hand customising denim short shorts for the last year and a half, before everyone and anyone was doing it. They have been worn by many celebs both here in the UK and the great USA and already have a HUGE following. They have also had features in big magazines! 

The demand got so big during last year that the duo simply couldn't meet it and so began the next step into manufacturing their designs. Eeeeee!!!!
Along side this they created a Limited Edition range once a month which were selling stupidly fast! In January the Limited Editions sold out in 20 minutes! And I didn't get my hands on any!! So not fair :-( I could cry myself to sleep over this! Serious now. These are the ones I want more than anything!!!



So Bambi and Manson have a slightly different sizing style...BAMS range in size from XXS-XL, but we all know no girl wants to call herself or even order an XL, so this sizing guide has been completely scrapped! Girls all you have to do is enter your hip and waist measurements when buying and you will get get given the 'SIZE' to buy.
The sizes are : Pixie, Tiger, Fox, Tinks, Kitten and Peachy..... goodbye to Medium, Large, Extra Large.... hello cute name which every girl can be proud of! I think I work out at a fox. How seductive!

And to get me even more excited the LOOKBOOK named 'It girls and Tom boys' will be styled and modelled by my absolute girl crush Audrey Kitching over in New York! Pretty awesome stuff huh? I know I can’t wait!

Due to the high demand Bambi and Manson will be taking pre-orders in the next few weeks before the launch evening and If I don’t get hold of any there will definitely be tears before bedtime. Please don’t let this baby fox cry Bambi and Manson.

Bambi and Manson 
Making the world a hotter place...One girl at a time.

Girls do you want a piece of the action too? I know I do!
Love Aimie!


Twitter: bambi_andmanson

Instagram: bambiandmansonltd


  1. Those shorts are just amazing! Wow!
    I'll have to check their website out :)

  2. Oh wow I've just fallen in love, amaaaaaazing shorts!xx

  3. Ive never even heard of these, and now I need a pair in my life.

    ..when my beach body reveals itself from my winter layers ;)

    Just started following your blog, really like it so far :) xxxxx

    1. Thanks so much.
      I love all the shorts more than anything xxx

  4. I keep seeing people going literally crazy over these on twitter! They are so beautiful, I love funky shorts so much :)
    Love Holly x


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