Monday, 17 January 2011

Q&A. Spot prone skin care.

What can be done to help skin that gets a few spots alot of the time?

Sometimes spots are unavoidable. Stress causes breakouts and so can changes in hormones. If its really bad, it can be acne, which is best off treated by a visit to the doctor.  There are also IPL treatments available. There is a clinic in Cardiff called the Jasmine rooms that have a fantastic IPL machine which acheives great results. See here.
They are by appointment only so it is best to drop them an email or a phone call.

There are other factors to it too, are you on any new medication at the moment? Are you eating well? Are you working in harsh conditions, for example outside, or in a nightclub with strong air conditioning? There are a wide number of factors that can affect your skins condition.
Honestly though if its just a few spots as you said the best thing you can do is get yourself a really good regular skin cleansing routine and stick to the same products usually helps. When you first start a new cleansing routine you will get spots. Probably a few, but after a week or so they will clear up and should stay away!  This is because you’re drawing out all the nasties living in your pores, and any lurking spots will come out, but this is just because your skin is getting rid of all those nasty little critters blocking it up.
A good product I find that works for zapping spots as they arrive is Witch Blemish stick. Its a little miracle cure. Just dab on as soon as you see a spot or blackhead and it will start killing it instantly. Keep reapplying as often as you feel and redness and size should decrease in just a day! It contains witch hazel which is a natural ingredient that helps to cleanse and heal skin.
When it comes to a cleansing routine rule number one is ALWAYS remove makeup before bed. Those little pores need to breathe. Everyone likes to remove their makeup different ways, but I recomend Monu cleansing balm. This luxurious balm cleanser for combination skin melts into the skin, transforming into an oil to dissolve all traces of make-up and impurities. It can be bought at Triniti beauty in the town centre in Cardiff.
Another good little product is this! If you ask your nan about this she will probably know all about it, plus Kylie Minogue has said since giving up botox she has started using it and her skin feels and looks just as good as it did before. Impressed? Its in my beauty kit. This little baby goes by the name of Ponds, Cold Creme cleanser. Simply get some cotton wool pads and rub the creme into your face, by using cotton pads they can soak up all the left over bits of dirt that the creme is flushing out. Trust me you’ll be shocked at what comes off on those pads!! And you thought your skin was clean! I’ve just done it on my make up less face (its sunday no make up for me today!) and this is what just came off my seemingly clean face.

Then just 2-3 times a week exfoliate your face as this gets rid of dead skin letting fresh bright new skin grow!
You will see results, but you have to stick to the routine! I hope this helps, let me know how you get on!! Don’t forget to look after your skin while your young, you’ll be greatful when your older.

Lots of Love
Aimsie xxx

Q&A. Best pressed and loose powder.

Best pressed powder or loose powder?

Best Pressed powder I’ve used by far is MAC studio fix pressed powder. Its so soft and leaves skin looking even and smooth.
A nice cheaper pressed powder is Maybellines Dream matte powder. It has a good range of colours and is very similar to the MAC.

 I personally prefer pressed to loose powders as they are much less messy! And there are much better ones on the market at the moment!

Ohh one last thing. If you want to go super super cheap. There is a new range in Superdrug where every item is £1! It’s called MUA

Q&A. Bleach Blonde Hair Care.

Hii :)
I have really really light blonde hair, do you know how I can keep it that colour without drying it out? Because it goes yellow after a few washes :) thankyou. x

Hi hi!

I have really really light blonde hair too, and if you want to keep it white you need to use a toner. Basically its that purple shampoo stuff old ladies use. The best one Ive used is the Superdrug own brand one.

It costs just 99p and you can find it in the hair isle next to the semi permanent hair dyes. 8:1 COOL BLONDE is the colour you need as its the purple one. The bottles got about 3-4 washes in it, and you use it simply by using this instead of shampoo, leaving it for about 5 minutes and then washing out and conditioning as normal. I use mine every 2 to 3 washes and it works a treat. Make sure you wash it all out otherwise you’ll be left with a lilac patch which aiiiint pretty :p

Another really good silver shampoo is by Matrix. They are only stocked in salons, very well priced and you can find it in the Hair and Nail Lounge, Cardiff. 
It works in exactly the same way with fantastic blonde brightening results for a very reasonable price. Wash for wash it works out better to go for this little gem!

Thanks so much for that. I’ve been using the pro:voke silver shampoo, and it’s like £3 a bottle. & it’s really not that good. I’ll have a look soon :’)
Oh I know! I was originally using the Schwartzkopf one and it was awful! And I could only buy it online! I’ll be doing a how to look after bleach blonde hair soon so keep your eye out :)

Q&A. Rimmel Nail Polishes.

Did you write about those rimmel nail varnishes that smell like fruit a while ago? i think it was you if it wasn’t then i’m going crazy:L but yeah i cant find them anywhere?:/ have they not been released yet or something?<3
Yeh babe. They are available! They are still on sale. They are displayed in with the usual lasting finish polishes, so that could be why you couldn’t find em. Hidden. The only difference between them from the others is a teeny little fruit on the bottle! haha. Hope you find them! :) xxx

Ooh i see haha! do they like actually smell like fruit but still have the strong smell of nail varnish? thank you :D<3<3x
Ah you can definatley still smell the varnish, but the fruit is really strong for a few hours, but the day after it doesn’t smell at all!
So it’s fun for nights out and stuff, but nothing else lol xx

Rimmel Lash Accelerator Mascara

Ok, So It’s here. Rimmels new Lash Accelerator with grow lash complex. Now I’ve never been one to hide my feelings on certain Rimmel products, but nevertheless I put all that to the back of my mind and gave this a try.
Rimmels last mascara, the 1,2,3 looks was a complete flop. Sales of it were awful and for anyone who’s tried it they will understand why. It was clumpy, the tube broke very easily, it was messy and once applied looked cheaper than a tarts knicker drawer.

The new Accelerator mascara does look better, its quite eye catching on the stand and some of its displays in stores are quite nice. Price wise its R.R.P does seem quite hefty at a whopping £8.99. I’d expect to pay this for a Maxfactor or Gosh mascara, although it does promise “Advanced, ultra lengthening formula for beautifully long, remarkably strong lashes” and is available in both black and brown.

The mascara also promises to lengthen lashes by 117% in 4 weeks. My mothers been using this mascara for a week so far and hasn’t noticed a change in the condition, strength or length in her lashes just yet. So only time will tell on that one.

The brush tapers at both ends, thickening towards the middle. At first I did find it quite awkward to use, but its amazing for coating your bottom lashes! After one coat I found my lashes looked lengthened, however they looked thin and splindly like an incy wincy spiders pins. After two coats I found some lashes started sticking together and looking very uneven and undefined. This is a great mascara if you like very natural appearing long lashes that are rich in colour.


I could give or take this mascara. Considering its Rimmel its not half bad. It didn’t flake or smudge throughout the day like some of its others and lasted well, It was also easily removed come bedtime. As a lengthening mascara it works quite well, although I really don’t advise more than 1 coat because that’s when it starts looking tacky and lashes get clogged up and look patchy as you can see in the picture above. Id recommend this mascara for middle aged and older ladies, such as my darling mummy who need the extra TLC in their lash follicles and a more natural, less mutton dressed as lamb appearance. Teenagers and twenty somethings, don’t bother this isn’t a replacement for your Maybelline Falsies and Maxfactor False Lash Effect mascaras just yet.
This mascara is a good one for Rimmel, definatley a step forward for them, but it still isn’t quite reaching the mark for me. I’m giving it a 5 out of 10.
Nice try Rimmel, but not this time. I need VOLUME!!!
Has anyone used this mascara yet? I want to know what you think!! Message me on my email above.

Gosh nail laquer review.

I’ve been specially asked to post a few bits and bobs on here by a friend from Superdrug.
With metallics coming back in in force this season this holographic nail polish from the brand GOSH at Superdrug should be bang on trend. For the first time ever I’m handing over the controls to someone else… I’m Scared. Here is her review for you all to peek at.

” I’ve never tried Gosh nail polishes before and I must say after trying this one today I’ll definitely be buying some more!
In 2 coats it looks perfect, doesn't take to long to dry and after testing it by opening a can of coke, it doesn't chip straight away. Well worth giving this colour or one of the many gorgeous others a go! £5 each and worth every penny but for a limited time only. This colour and a few others are HALF PRICE but hurry as they wont be around long! “


After trying the Gosh polishes myself I’d definitely agree they are good hard wearing lacquers. The only thing I’d add to this is to not forget a good base and top coat to prevent nail staining and to help with chip resistance. The brush is a great size, unlike the MeMeMe nail polishes which are far too big and end up with you colour flooding the cuticle, so you can get a nice clean line around the nail when painting. These colours are only available in bigger Superdrug stores and online and they are selling fast, so go on! Get a move on!
Lots of Love 
Aimsie xxx

A great fruity cocktail to make.

Slag Sister A slag sister is a cocktail I made for a flat party I had a little while back. It was a huge hit, with everyone getting rather jolly off it to say the least! This cocktail is best made for a group of friends, rather than individually. Firstly find yourself a bucket. Wash it out and fill about half way up with ice.

  • 1 ltr of Smirnoff Vodka
  • 200ml of Dry Martini
  • 1 can of fizzy Vimpto
  • 2 cans of Red Bull
  • 1 can of Orange Tango
  • 1 carton of orange juice
  • 1 carton of apple and raspberry juice (Sainsbury’s)
  • Fill to the top of bucket with lemonade
  • 3 limes (Chopped into quarters and thrown in)
I can guarantee you won’t be disappointed! Don’t forget the Slag sister!

Moxie Tampon Range.

Yep. You heard right. Tampons?! There’s a new brand named Moxie on the market right now that is just great for girls that like things to look…cute. Deceivingly packaged this range is great.
They are available for sale at Superdrug. The range includes, Scanty panty liners. These are designed for everyday use. They are very slim, come with wings and each pad is embossed with the trademark Moxie bow. Each pack comes with a “purse worthy” tin to keep them in. The tins are great. They are pink in colour with the bow on the front. Anyone raiding your bag would never suspect this tin! I recommend this brand for young teenagers who are still a bit embarrassed. There are also, Slender pads, and Night time pads. Again each pack coming with the tin, and embossed with the cute little bow.
Tampons come in both regular and super. Regular being the peach design, and super being the pink. They come in packs of 16 and 32. Packs of 16 come with 2 tins, where as 32 come in a boudoir worthy box, ready to refil the tins.
These are all Non applicator. The packet is a simple twist and turn again with a bow printed onto the front. They have recently introduced new applicator tampons, which are in a few select stores. Now we all hate Tampaxes horrible windows 95 teal coloured strings. But Moxie, keeping it feminie to the max have pink strings. I couldn’t believe my eyes when i saw. I fell in love instantly. I know falling in love with a string! But it isn’t just that. Moxie’s tampons are great. The absorbancy is fantastic, the quality is exactly the same as leading brand Tampax or Lil-lets.


How can I prevent split ends?

Are you going blonde and are worried about split ends?
Has your hair been chemically relaxed and needs something to help repair the damage?
Or do you have very curly hair that needs a lot of straightening that’s taking its toll on your poor ends?
DAR NAR! Help is here!
SoftSheen Carson. Optimum Care.
Split end Serum

This miracle potion is exactly what your thirsty little ends have been crying out for. This split end serum repairs and smooths dry, brittle ends for a healthy look and feel. Its specially designed for very dry fragile hair.
The brand is owned by L’oreal. So you can be sure it is of a high quality.

It works on chemically-relaxed , natural, or colour treated hair instantly , helping to reinforce damaged internal structure for stronger hair after just one use, if used with the accompanying shampoo and conditioner.

I’ve been using this product for a while. My hair is bleached blonde, and is naturally very curly so requires a lot of heat styling, which is very damaging for my hair. I simply apply a small amount to the palm of my hand after washing my hair, rub together and apply directly to my wet ends before drying and styling. I’ve also applied it to my hair extensions too, as the heat from my GHD’s split the ends of those aswell.
The consistency of the product is oily, if it is applied anywhere other than the ends it will give an unwashed appearance to the hair, making it look greasy. About a 20 pence piece size of product is more than enough just rubbed into the ends.
I’ve found that this product really began protecting my hair after the 1st application. My hair was no longer splitting, and it was preventing split ends I already had splitting even further. It smells quite fruity, almost like banana. The smell reminds me of Garnier Fructis Shampoo.

Id rate this product at 10 out of 10! A miracle potion!
This Split end serum costs just under £5 for 100ml.

P.s Thanks to this product, I’ve saved mega bucks not having to go to the hairdressers so often, however girls please still go and have your hair cut regularly!

How do I get rid of spots on my back?

Do you suffer from spots on your chest or back? Now i know no one is going to admit to it, but it happens to the best of us. Usually caused by spraying your perfumes directly onto the skin of your chest, causing oil to build up, blocking pores.

Alex Reid and his spotty back.
Remember seeing Cage fighter, and Jordans bitch aka Alex Reid getting his spots zapped in the BB house? If only Nicola T knew a better way of helping out without ruining her newly manicured nails. Let me give you a hint. She needs to swap that bottle of rubbish for a bottle of anti dandruff shampoo. YES that is the answer. Now i wouldn’t go preaching this if i wasn’t sure it worked, so i tried it myself, seeing results in just 2 days.

Basically the anti dandruff shampoo used like a shower gel, works by soaking up excess oil in the skin helping clear out your pores!
SIMPLES. If anyone tries this out let me know how it went for you!
Lots of Love
Aimsie xxx

NEW! Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation.

This new year every high street cosmetic brand has gone crazy for new foundation launches.
Revlon, Maybelline, Bourjois, Rimmel, Collection 2000, they are all at it! So I’m thinking some sort of review is in order!
Bourjois’ new Healthy Mix foundation caught my eye first. The packaging doesn’t really look too exciting, however the promotion backing posters that Bourjois have displayed on their stands is what really draws you in. The model stands there with fruit all over her body instantly making you wonder what its all about.
The reason they have done this is because this foundation is different to all the others about right now. It contains Apricot, Melon, Apple, and ginger extracts giving it a gorgeous fragrance. The fruit extracts are to boost radiance, hydration, anti-oxidants and energy of the skin, I hate to say it but I've been using this foundation about 4 weeks now and my skin feels and looks the same. I’m still needing to use moisturiser every night, my skin still looks dull foundationless, If we can count that as a word!
It promises 16 hour wear. I've done the 16 hour test, and it holds up fairly well, I needed to add some pressed powder over the top two maybe 3 times throughout the day as it can start to look a little shiny, more on the dewy side. Some people prefer that look as it gives more of a radiant appearance. However i prefer the matte look, it’s definitely a case of personal preference and the foundation works beautifully both ways. It resists sweat and heat etc surprisingly very well.
Your face doesn’t start to feel dry throughout the day as it can with other foundations. This has something to do with the melon extract keeping my skin moisturised and supple throughout the day. Ok, all this isn’t as important as what it actually looks like on your little face! My favorite foundation of all time is Estee Lauder Double Wear, the healthy mix gives that poreless, almost airbrushed finish just like double wear however if you put too much on you start to look and feel a little like well…you have too much on! You feel aware that you are wearing foundation if you slather it on, it feels heavy on the face, and a little slimy. The perfect amount for the whole face is 2-3 pumps. Its blending capabilities are great, it mixes in well with any brand of concealer, and if using the right amount feels as if you have nothing on your face at all, its very light.
Overall this is a great foundation. The coverage is medium, you need a concealer to wear under the eyes and on blemishes as it is too thin to cover them alone. The mixture is quite runny which means you can build it up to your desired level of coverage a lot easier.
The choice of colours is great. I have a very light skin tone, and I managed to find my perfect colour (something i haven’t managed in a long time!). Their colour palette isn’t so great for ladies of darker complexions, much better for us fairer girls.

I’ve not been able to wear any foundations by Bourjois in the past, as their formulas are too harsh for my skin and I’ve had horrible reactions. This one is so light and caring for the skin I haven’t had one problem with it being too harsh on my skin. Great for sensitive skin.
Its RRP is £9.99 but will vary shop to shop.

This I think is a bargain as its lasted me roughly 4 weeks of everyday wear so far and I have about two thirds left.
My overall rating on this lovely little bargain is 7 out of 10.

Don’t forget I love to hear from you, and your feelings on this product.
Lots of Love
Aimsie xxx

Lady Gaga Mac Lipstick

THE best lipstick to ever, ever, ever hit the high street and be accessible to us mere mortals. The Lady Gaga Viva Glam lipstick is probably my all time favourite. Along with Cyndi Lauper Gaga got to design her very own lipstick for Mac. Cyndi going for a deep red and Gaga a more candy flossy pink.


Now I know £12.50 isn't a massive ask for this lipstick but It's not always in stock and not everyone can afford that sort of price tag. So I've been scouring the high street to find some spot on alternatives for a multitude of different prices.
The first one I found was from the relatively new brand Studio Secrets by L'oreal. This being the most expensive of all I found it's more glossy than its Mac competitor, and a little more pink too. The colour is 220 pink, and costs around £8.19. This is a good choice if you suffer from drier lips as its a lot richer and more nourishing, especially in the winter!

Now my second find was CHEAP. I mean stupidly cheap. £1. Yeh 100 pennies!! However this pink lipstick was a hell of a lot less pigmented so the colour doesn't really show all that well. Similarly its quite glossy like the Studio Secrets one, but I can see this one running out very fast as it doesn't look like it's going to stay on long. Great for mums on a budget! Its made by the brand MUA (only available in Superdrug) and is Shade 4.
Now the previous two are ok! Don't get me wrong!! But my number one find which I had to get because it was so spot on, was Revlon Matte Lipstick in Shade 002 Pink pout. At £7.49 its priced towards the middle range, not a bank breaker but a fair price for the quality. I'd say it was almost on par with Mac, colour wise its very similar, texture wise and its lasts just as well if not better. If you do suffer with drier lips or you're more towards the middle aged mark I wouldn't go for this one as its going to really accentuate any dry uneven patches on the lips. It still needs re applying after drinks and so on, but ladies that's what toilet breaks are all about. Go go forth with these golden nuggets of information I've given you and look beautiful all day long!

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