Monday, 17 January 2011

Q&A. Spot prone skin care.

What can be done to help skin that gets a few spots alot of the time?

Sometimes spots are unavoidable. Stress causes breakouts and so can changes in hormones. If its really bad, it can be acne, which is best off treated by a visit to the doctor.  There are also IPL treatments available. There is a clinic in Cardiff called the Jasmine rooms that have a fantastic IPL machine which acheives great results. See here.
They are by appointment only so it is best to drop them an email or a phone call.

There are other factors to it too, are you on any new medication at the moment? Are you eating well? Are you working in harsh conditions, for example outside, or in a nightclub with strong air conditioning? There are a wide number of factors that can affect your skins condition.
Honestly though if its just a few spots as you said the best thing you can do is get yourself a really good regular skin cleansing routine and stick to the same products usually helps. When you first start a new cleansing routine you will get spots. Probably a few, but after a week or so they will clear up and should stay away!  This is because you’re drawing out all the nasties living in your pores, and any lurking spots will come out, but this is just because your skin is getting rid of all those nasty little critters blocking it up.
A good product I find that works for zapping spots as they arrive is Witch Blemish stick. Its a little miracle cure. Just dab on as soon as you see a spot or blackhead and it will start killing it instantly. Keep reapplying as often as you feel and redness and size should decrease in just a day! It contains witch hazel which is a natural ingredient that helps to cleanse and heal skin.
When it comes to a cleansing routine rule number one is ALWAYS remove makeup before bed. Those little pores need to breathe. Everyone likes to remove their makeup different ways, but I recomend Monu cleansing balm. This luxurious balm cleanser for combination skin melts into the skin, transforming into an oil to dissolve all traces of make-up and impurities. It can be bought at Triniti beauty in the town centre in Cardiff.
Another good little product is this! If you ask your nan about this she will probably know all about it, plus Kylie Minogue has said since giving up botox she has started using it and her skin feels and looks just as good as it did before. Impressed? Its in my beauty kit. This little baby goes by the name of Ponds, Cold Creme cleanser. Simply get some cotton wool pads and rub the creme into your face, by using cotton pads they can soak up all the left over bits of dirt that the creme is flushing out. Trust me you’ll be shocked at what comes off on those pads!! And you thought your skin was clean! I’ve just done it on my make up less face (its sunday no make up for me today!) and this is what just came off my seemingly clean face.

Then just 2-3 times a week exfoliate your face as this gets rid of dead skin letting fresh bright new skin grow!
You will see results, but you have to stick to the routine! I hope this helps, let me know how you get on!! Don’t forget to look after your skin while your young, you’ll be greatful when your older.

Lots of Love
Aimsie xxx

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