Thursday, 21 November 2013

Japonesque. Welcome to Cardiff!!!

So. As you all know I am a resident of the beautiful bay of Cardiff and was really excited when I was invited to the launch of Cardiff's newest beauty brand now in John Lewis. Welcome Japonesque. 

Who are Japonesque?? This is what they have to say.
Japonesque makeup brushes and tools are more than just accessories to beauty, they elevate the user's experience.
Founded over 20 years ago, Japonesque has earned the reputation of creating the most versatile, innovative and distinctive makeup brushes and beauty accessories in the industry. 
Favoured by celebrated makeup artists and beauty professionals worldwide, Japonesque products are crafted with precision in mind. Exceptional materials, superior craftsmanship and our uncompromising standards have allowed us to create some of the most desired beauty accessories in the world for our customers. 
Some of the industry's most successful brands, most respected retailers and the worlds finest spas have something in common: a desire to provide their clientele with the highest quality products. They put their trust in us. 

I was met and greeted with drinks and macaroons which were scrummy and was lucky to meet and have a mini master class by the wonderful Paul. 

He taught me some really good tips for achieving a great smoky eye which I will remember and definitely put into practise with the one million Christmas and birthday parties I have between now and Christmas. He talked me through some of the great products they have in their range. Japonesque have been long known in the states for their beauty tools so now they have a full range of cosmetics to go alongside is great. The quality and pigments in the products are more than enough to rival established brands such as NARS, Urban Decay and MAC. I was lucky enough to take home a finishing powder (something I can never live without as I love the matte finish) and a 150 degree eyeshadow brush. 
The finishing powder is gorgeous, it makes my skin look matted but radiant at the same time. Something I've never been able to achieve with MACs studio fix powder and Estée Lauders double wear powder. I will most definitely be repurchasing this! 
The eyeshadow brush makes application so easy as you can use it at all angles. Very simple. I need a new foundation brush as double wear has killed my current MAC brush. Sad face. 

As you can see by the top of the casing each lid is hand designed so each is individual. Mine will never be the same as yours. The products are all colour coded so you will always know what's what.

They have a large range of tools, cases and accessories perfect for the amateur and professional! 

Working as a lash and brow technician I am obviously very excited over the large range of lashes and tweezers (simple things haha) and will be seriously thinking of purchasing some new tweezers to work alongside my HD tweezers while HD'ing my gorgeous clients brows. 
Thanks guys for the fabulous time! 

Lots of love Aimie 

Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Bling and thrift!

Hi readers.

I was lucky enough to be invited to the launch of Japonesque last week. More to follow. 
What have I been up to? 

My boyfriends toddler niece asked Father Christmas for princess dresses this year...however she has millions so me being me couldn't get her a forgettable gift, instead roll in crystallised converse!! 
I used real Swarovski elements stones in AB so the quality and sparkle is unbelievable! I have tried to capture it in this photo however nothing beats the real thing. 
I have gift wrapped them in a recycled glossy box. I think I put it to good use! 

What do you think? 
She is going to be the best dressed toddler in the world! And handmade by her loving auntie haha. 

Talking of recycling glossy boxes finally got round to turning mine into a larger cosmetics box. I was sick of them looking cluttered and busy!! 

I made the side parts more interesting by using washi tape which I had never discovered before. How?!?! It's so cheap and easy!! While I was at it, I also did my cupboard in my bathroom. 

I've been rather thrifty lately. Ill be composing a detailed post over the coming days of how to improve and decorate your rented home without pissing off the landlord and sticking to their rules and doing it cheaply! 

Lots of love Aimie xxxx

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