Monday, 8 May 2017

How to get more hitss on your website/blog or company! Cardiff and South Wales style!

Getting fed up with other people beating you to the top of the list of search results on google so not seeing as many website hits as you want? 

Have you thought of getting a little help? 

As you all know I work in a itty bitty salon in Cardiff city centre and without Google we would be a lot worse off. When potential clients google Cardiff beauty salon terms we hit the top spot every time. Why is that? SEO. 

What is SEO? Some of you may know but Search Engine Optimisation helps get key words into your pages to produce much better search results. 
If you have no idea what I mean or where to start have you thought about someone else taking the issue away and doing it for you? 
I'm all about supporting local businesses so I would support the Cardiff business HQ SEO
HQ SEO was created in 2012 and since then they have grown into one of the leading marketing agencies in Cardiff & the South West. Their aim is provide reliable digital marketing services to UK businesses in order to increase their client or customer bases. They have a number of successful, happy clients with some great feedback featured on their website. 
For more information visit the website here. 

Why not give it a go and see how much of a difference you can make to your new or existing businesses and websites! 

Aimie xxxx

Wednesday, 21 September 2016

My fitness journey with hyper mobility so far!

So it's been a long hard few months now of operation get fit! A few of my friends had been members of a local gym for a while now, and whilst a lot of people saw it as being a bit full on I thought, why not let's throw myself into the deep end!!!!

(Photo credit: Instagram @forcestrength) 

So I started just one day a week in their HIIT (high intensity interval training) class that they call BST (blood, sweat and tyres) it's all those things, haha! 
My first session I was a total failure. Nearly passing out and bringing up my dinner at the half way point. Not cool. Everyone there was so athletic and made it look easy and there I was in the corner dying. Not one of my finest moments. 
At that point I think most people would think "sod this I'm not going again" or "that was too damn hard!" But I had to think of the end game, a pain free and stronger life. I wanted and needed it. 
So I persevered, I kept going once a week, and kept at it. Trying harder and harder, pushing myself and checking out my Apple Watch fitness tracker after every workout. After a couple of months I upped it and could handle more, I was sure of it. That's when I noticed, oh my god wow, I can actually do press ups, or I can push the heaviest prowler with more ease now, I'm actually making progress! At this point i was feeling a lot stronger, I was noticing my body change, my stomach was getting flatter, I was getting little baby guns, I emphasise little baby ones haha. I won't be showing anyone which way to the gun show just yet!! And the only way was up for my butt! 

(Photo credit: Instagram @forcestrength)

I knew once I felt more fit and a little stronger, I knew the next step would be to venture next door into the open gym. Full of weights, strong dudes (one being my brother and I can't let down the family name), oh and more weights. I didn't have a clue where to start, so I booked in for an assessment to build me a programme I could work to. 
During my assessment I mentioned about my knees and the fact I was hypermobile etc etc. My trainer said he had experienced the same kind of pain in his knees, and explained it was likely I could be tight in my quads causing a lot of it. Hmm interesting. 
The next week I went back to receive my programme which looked a little something like this 
A pretty standard warm up I was used to doing. And there was quad stretches in there to try and loosen me out. We shall see how that goes! 
So I've only run through this programme twice now so I'll have to update you all soon on how I'm getting on! 

Any questions or anything you would like to know don't hesitate to drop me an email. 

Thank you to Force gym and myself for helping along the road to this pain free new start. I'm doing really well currently and only having the odd flare up here and there, which currently is heaven compared to where I was!!! 

Aimie X 

Tuesday, 6 September 2016

The last of the summer nails

I'm still hard at work creating nail masterpieces for you all to see! I'm constantly trying to come up with new ideas and designs all the time. 
I hope everyone has had a great summer. I luckily spent mine in Florida getting to visit Disney land and universal studios for my first ever time! It was amazing, and it only took me 27 years to get there haha! 

Any way I'm sure what you're really here for is my pretty summer nails. If you have any questions about how I create any of them please don't hesitate to email or you can follow me on Instagram which I update on a much more regular basis @aimsiee 

Thanks, enjoy and here's to the arrival of Autumn. My fave. 

As ever if you would like to use any of my nail pictures please email. 

Thanks and enjoy!!! 
Aimie xxx 

Friday, 24 June 2016

Outfit of the day. Gym wear edition.

So gym wear is pretty much taking over my life. I've just got back from Florida and ended up coming back with loads of gym gear from Nike, Victoria's Secret and Pink. Couldn't get enough of it! 
I love how fashionable gym wear has become. The days of long horrible old baggy tshirts and Lycra leggings are long gone! 
These are what I've been wearing this week. 
P.s I wish it was acceptable to wear sports bras 24/7! Haha. 

Adidas sports bra 
Currently on offer for £10 in Sports Direct 

Nike Just Do It vest top 
Currently on offer for £13.99 in Sports Direct 

Victoria's secrets sport 3/4 leggings 
Purchased at Victoria's Secret, Orlando, Florida. See the full range at

Nike Flex Fury trainers 
Purchased at Nike, Premium designer outlet, Orlando, Florida. Some still avaliable online. 

Aimie wheatley and her favourite nail work

So the title pretty much says it all. As you all know I'm a crazy passionate nail technician in Cardiff and I'm obsessed with creating amazing nails! 
Here is a monthly update of some of my favourite work. Feel free to email any questions you may have about products, techniques or anything else you may have related to nails. 
Enjoy! Xx

Please note these photos are all taken and the property of Aimie Victoria Wheatley. Please use the contact me tab if you wish to use these photos. Thank you. 

Wednesday, 18 May 2016

Hypermobility and me.

Hi guys!! 
So I've been on a long old journey with bad knees for quite some time now. 
The pain was interrupting my life day in day out. I felt like an arthritic 90 year old in a 26 year olds body! As you can imagine pain like this can really start to get you down. I struggled to get out of bed, waking hurt and standing up from sitting was beyond a joke. There was one time I was sat on a train for around an hour and I actually couldn't physically lift myself from the chair. A woman in her twenties shouldn't be like that!!!!! I had to haul myself up using my upper body strength ( what I have of it anyway) by grabbing the headrest. It was a rugby day in good ol' Wales so as you can imagine plenty of people saw that! I was in agony as I got off the train only for my cars battery to have died and I had to walk 20 minutes home! FUMING! 
That was a massive turning point for me. I knew something had to be done. I simply couldn't live like this any more. 
I headed to my GP who put in a referral to a Rheumatologist and a physiotherapist. As you can imagine the wait for the hospital, even on the highest priority list was long. 
The physio came first. My first session I had a great guy who instantly assumed my problem was stemming from my joints being hyper mobile. I was thinking to myself "wait isn't that double jointed people? That's not me surely". I did so much ballet as a child and I was always the least flexible there. But out of my friends I was always the most, bendy, I guess you can call it. 
Sadly my physiotherapist was moving on to another hospital after our first session. My next session with another chap was okay but he didn't agree with the hypermobility diagnosis. Said my muscles were too weak and I needed to work them to get better support around my joints decreasing my pain. Hmmm. 
He recommended going to the gym and working certain muscle groups like my quads and glutes. I got my gym membership and got straight on it. I mean I had to at least try! Yes I noticed a small improvement but nothing spectacular and breathed a sigh of relief when I was signed off. 
As time went on, still waiting to see the rheumatology consultant I carried on  gymming it a few times a week but I lost hope and gave up. 
Resting up after work each night I had noticed was starting to help. I had also noticed my footwear was playing a BIG part in my pain. I ditched what I thought were my amazing and comfy wedges for converse and I started noticing things getting better day by day at a rapid pace! 
Woooo I was getting somewhere. 
The rheumatology appointment finally came through after almost a year from referral. 
On the day of the appointment my consultant ran through my history of pain and what I had learnt triggers wise etc. She then did a physical examination. As she was doing all this I could see her noting a score down on my sheet. What I've now come to realise is she was assessing me using the Beighton Score. 
 It's fair to say after some X-rays and other tests I have been diagnosed with Joint hypermobility syndrome. An answer at last! 
So now nearly 6 months later, I'm in a different place. I know how to cope. Where to push my body and where not too. 
My next post will be a life as a hypermobile and my new fitness journey! 
Is there anyone out there who suffers with this? 
Get in touch if so! 
Sorry for the long history lesson there it just makes all the next lot of posts more relevant and understandable.

Thanks for reading! 
Aimie xx

Thursday, 22 October 2015

Beautiful storage by Ted Baker

Every girls boudoir is her happy place. A place to relax after a long day, with your favorite scent of Yankee candle burning away decorated exactly how you want. 
Now I don't know about anyone else but storage can always be a nightmare. I'm a beautician with a million different products and tools and I never have anywhere to store all my thingymabobs and whatsitcalleds. 
Ted baker has long been a well loved brand my me. I ONLY buy my purses from them and I have a few well loved handbags and clothing too. Even their beauty ranges at Christmas can be seriously delightful. How happy was I when I got an absolutely stunning 3 piece Ted Baker storage set from Internet gift store

As you can see these boxes are simply gorgeous. Unwrapping them was heaven. I was like WOW this box is stunning, opened it up and was like WOW even even more gorgeous box only to open again and find 3! To say I was pleased was an understatement. 
The dramatic floral print really works with my current love of all the autumnal colours and themes. All three boxes are very spacious and look great together or you could separate the, and dot them around the place. Now I have a place to keep all my medication, ipad, chargers, speakers, and besuty nick nacks all whilst looking fabulous! 

You can find these beauties over at They have everything you could possibly imagine and great deals with up to 80% off products, free delivery on orders over £35, personalised gifts and next day delivery services. They stock amazing brands like Yankee, Disney, Ted Baker and Star Wars (great for the upcoming new film, which I for one can. Not wait for!!) I think a Christmas shop is in order. It's never too early! 

How do you like to best use your storage? I'd love to hear! Comment below and let me know. 
Lots of love 
Aimie xx
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