Friday, 24 June 2016

Outfit of the day. Gym wear edition.

So gym wear is pretty much taking over my life. I've just got back from Florida and ended up coming back with loads of gym gear from Nike, Victoria's Secret and Pink. Couldn't get enough of it! 
I love how fashionable gym wear has become. The days of long horrible old baggy tshirts and Lycra leggings are long gone! 
These are what I've been wearing this week. 
P.s I wish it was acceptable to wear sports bras 24/7! Haha. 

Adidas sports bra 
Currently on offer for £10 in Sports Direct 

Nike Just Do It vest top 
Currently on offer for £13.99 in Sports Direct 

Victoria's secrets sport 3/4 leggings 
Purchased at Victoria's Secret, Orlando, Florida. See the full range at

Nike Flex Fury trainers 
Purchased at Nike, Premium designer outlet, Orlando, Florida. Some still avaliable online. 

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