Friday, 4 September 2015

Louboutin Charme lipstick

Omg it's here!!! The love of my life has done it again and crested more masterpieces yet again. Does the genius ever end? 

 I have a serious case of beauty lust for these beautifully crafted lipsticks. 

Luckily on the day of launch me and my beaute of a boyfriend just so happened to have a week off and had spent the majority of it in London. Launch day we just so happened to be in central London (talk about fateful convienience). So we jumped on the underground and headed straight to Selfridges. It was like walking into heaven. 

It was displayed stunningly as you can see. The Louboutin Charme can be worn as a necklace for the ultimate in luxury to be with you at all times. The packaging is so beautiful you won't want to take it out of its classically designed rouge and black box. 

As you can see I also picked up the classic rouge Louboutin nail lacquer too. Couldn't resist. Hehe. 
The lipsticks come in 38 shades in 3 difference finishes; Silky Satin, Sheer Voile, and Velvet Matte and it includes the iconic Louboutin red.

With Louboutins roots from Egypt and Queen Nefertiti being drawn upon as the main inspiration, the lipstick / jewellery charm also draws inspiration from the brands most iconic shoes and handbags. 

The counter has mirrors with the lipstick Charmes scattered all around it giving it the most incredible luxurious feel. I left with a seriously heavy heart wishing i owned one! 

Here you can see just how elaborate the detailed designs are. How could you not want to own one? Or all 38 haha. 

So I spent a little while choosing out a colour and I generally always go for pinks but there was a gorgeous Kylie Jenner style nude ( tutulle in silky satin). I was seriously torn but went for the pink (bikini 120). Next payday I may just get the nude! However what may put people off is the price. As you know Christian Louboutin is a hugely known high end luxury brand so that means high end prices. I had a little devil on my shoulder in the form of my boyfriend whispering "buy it, treat yourself". HELLO as if this girl needs persuading! I didn't ask the price I just took it straight to the till. Okay so the price £60. And you know what I don't care. I've got a beautiful product that really stands up in all longevity tests and the quality is unrivalled. Amazing for the first ever range from this brand. There is no scent which makes it ideal for literally every girl out there. I absolutely adore and love it and I will be buying more! 

Thank you so much Christian Louboutin for setting my heart on fire with beauty lust. 
Think I'll be rocking this with my Just Picks this weekend for a birthday night out. 

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