Friday, 25 July 2014

Festival Fashion. Do's and Don'ts

We may be well and truly stuck in the festival season now, what with Glastonbury already over for another year, but with plenty more festivals to choose from over the coming months, it’s not over yet. Whether you’re popping your festival cherry this year, or even if you’re a frequent attendee, tips and advice about what to do, and what not to do, when it comes to festival fashion, can help you to look and feel great all of the time – even when you’re stuck, knee deep, in a muddy field! Check out the do’s and don’ts below before you pack your camping bag and be safe in the knowledge that you’ll look amazing, from the opening act right through to the headliners.  

  • Take plenty of hair bands. Scrape your hair back into a messy up-do to look super stylish, even on the last day of the festival when your hair has seen better days. Plaits are also a great way of making your hair look good when it hasn't been washed for longer than you care to remember.  
  • Take cover-ups, even if the weather report says it’s going to be sunny throughout. You know what the English weather can be like, after all! Pick up a lightweight jacket or hoody from George at ASDA, or use oversized military shirts if you want to look effortlessly cool.  
  • Wear a sun hat. The last thing you’ll want is sunstroke in the middle of a field. If you’re spending the day in the arena, where there’s little to no shade, a sun hat will be essential. It’s also a great way of hiding festival hair.  
  • Consider short playsuits. They are easy, comfortable and look fab with a pair of wellies!  
  • Stick with what you know. There’s no point donning styles that you've seen Kate Moss et al sporting at festivals when, for the rest of the year, your style doesn't resemble this at all. It’s essential that you feel comfortable at a festival, so take things that you’ll feel good in.  
  • Relax. Sure, a festival is a great opportunity to let go, chill out and forget about the stresses of home, but if you spend the whole time boozing, dancing and passing out until lunchtime, you won’t come home being able to see you truly appreciate it. Yes, a festival is all about the atmosphere, but relaxing and enjoying the music on offer is a must, too. It’s not all about the party tents!  

  • Don’t rely too much on denim. By all means, take your favorite cut-offs, but also take other items as well. If it rains heavily, denim takes an age to dry, so you’ll need something that is quick-drying in addition 
  • Don’t just drink booze. It won’t hydrate you. Always have a bottle of water with you.  
  • Don’t forget the baby wipes – they’re a festival must-have and a great way of feeling a little clean, even after camping in a cramped field for four days.  

The Leeds and Reading weekends are just around the corner – whether you have tickets for one of these belters, or if you have another festival planned, pack some of your favorite outfits, treat yourself to something new from George and, most of all, don’t forget the dry shampoo! You’ll need it!  
Enjoy girlies
I know I certainly will!

Lots of Love Aimie xxx
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