Monday, 17 January 2011

How do I get rid of spots on my back?

Do you suffer from spots on your chest or back? Now i know no one is going to admit to it, but it happens to the best of us. Usually caused by spraying your perfumes directly onto the skin of your chest, causing oil to build up, blocking pores.

Alex Reid and his spotty back.
Remember seeing Cage fighter, and Jordans bitch aka Alex Reid getting his spots zapped in the BB house? If only Nicola T knew a better way of helping out without ruining her newly manicured nails. Let me give you a hint. She needs to swap that bottle of rubbish for a bottle of anti dandruff shampoo. YES that is the answer. Now i wouldn’t go preaching this if i wasn’t sure it worked, so i tried it myself, seeing results in just 2 days.

Basically the anti dandruff shampoo used like a shower gel, works by soaking up excess oil in the skin helping clear out your pores!
SIMPLES. If anyone tries this out let me know how it went for you!
Lots of Love
Aimsie xxx

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