Monday, 17 January 2011

Q&A. Rimmel Nail Polishes.

Did you write about those rimmel nail varnishes that smell like fruit a while ago? i think it was you if it wasn’t then i’m going crazy:L but yeah i cant find them anywhere?:/ have they not been released yet or something?<3
Yeh babe. They are available! They are still on sale. They are displayed in with the usual lasting finish polishes, so that could be why you couldn’t find em. Hidden. The only difference between them from the others is a teeny little fruit on the bottle! haha. Hope you find them! :) xxx

Ooh i see haha! do they like actually smell like fruit but still have the strong smell of nail varnish? thank you :D<3<3x
Ah you can definatley still smell the varnish, but the fruit is really strong for a few hours, but the day after it doesn’t smell at all!
So it’s fun for nights out and stuff, but nothing else lol xx

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