Monday, 17 January 2011

A great fruity cocktail to make.

Slag Sister A slag sister is a cocktail I made for a flat party I had a little while back. It was a huge hit, with everyone getting rather jolly off it to say the least! This cocktail is best made for a group of friends, rather than individually. Firstly find yourself a bucket. Wash it out and fill about half way up with ice.

  • 1 ltr of Smirnoff Vodka
  • 200ml of Dry Martini
  • 1 can of fizzy Vimpto
  • 2 cans of Red Bull
  • 1 can of Orange Tango
  • 1 carton of orange juice
  • 1 carton of apple and raspberry juice (Sainsbury’s)
  • Fill to the top of bucket with lemonade
  • 3 limes (Chopped into quarters and thrown in)
I can guarantee you won’t be disappointed! Don’t forget the Slag sister!

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