Thursday, 10 January 2013

Sparkles print-a-nail review.

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  Can I firstly say WOW what amazing customer service I have received from this brilliant company. 
I nearly squealed with joy when I realised my exciting little parcel had arrived yesterday and couldn't wait to do my nails!

I was recommended this brand by one of my lovely clients via twitter, and within minutes they had tweeted me asking did I want to review them, of course I did!!! 
The next job was to decide what design to go for. I didn't want to go for a photo of myself as that is a bit Simon Cowell on the vain scale. So I decided to go for a classic Marilyn Monroe, Diamonds are a girls best friend design. This is very very me, as I am addicted to all things sparkly as you know! Sparkles also enjoyed this as it's something they haven't done before. 

So what is Sparkles Print-a-nail??

Sparkles Print A Nail uses state-of-the-art digital printers to print high quality designs onto stick-on nails. Printed and ready to go in under 10 minutes, fashionable uniquely designed nails now become quick, easy and affordable to all.

Choose from a bank of hundreds of designs or they can print any image you want! Just send them a picture and they will do the rest! Let your imagination run wild!

This is what I received  inside you get nail stickers for 1 day wear, glue for more long lasting wear and a file to buff down any raw edges. 

The instructions were super easy to follow and I found that the nails were very flexible which has made them extremely comfortable to wear.  The quality is really high, the quality or the original image remains intact, there was not a single smudge or chip missing from any of the nails. The sizes of nails you get in the packet are pretty universal and will definitely fit most nails, I didn't have a problem matching them up to my nail size. I didn't need to adjust them at all either, they fit in along my cuticle like a dream. 

When It came to applying them I simply buffed my nails and applied some of the glue to my natural nail, popped them on and applied pressure for 10 seconds and voila onto the next nail. 
It look me literally 10 minutes to measure up nails to fit and to apply. This is amazing if you are 1. lazy or 2. In a rush and need a new look for a night out.

I then finished mine with a Gel Shellac polish and top coated my personalised nails to protect the design and to give the high shine finish that the shellac does. They have a pretty high level of shine in their original state but I wanted protection, especially working in a salon. 
I decided against placing a design on every nail. In my opinion it doesn't look as effective and special. Instead I opted for a few statement nails, this draws more attention to them and stays bang on trend!

So here are my results!!!

How would I rate their customer service? The highest I have ever received!
Would I use Sparkles Print-a-nail again? That is a massive yes!
And would I recommend them to a friend? Hell yes!!!

You can get yourself a full set of 20 nails for just £15! They even accept paypal, which for me is great. Pre-designed nails can be bought for £10 and you can even get little accessories to jazz up your nails like little hearts for a tiny £1!

Girls I haven't been this excited about a new brand for a long time, I predict great things for them and I will be using them again and I hope you will too!

If you have used them or are planning to let me know. 
I love hearing your opinions.

Lots of Love
Aimie xxx


  1. Wow, looks very nice! I am usually skeptical that those might not hold up for very long...but it sure looks good!

    1. Yeh, I didn't know what to expect but they are brilliant
      Love Aimie xxx

  2. Wow! They look really unusual and absolutely lovely!


  3. These are amazing marylin Monroe is so beautiful lovely blog I'm now following

  4. Great idea for nails, they look great! x


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