Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Happy New Year beautiful readers!!!

Happy 2013!!!

I hope yours went off with a bang. 

Mine sure did, fireworks erupted and ripped through the sky at midnight, it was an amazing sight from my living room window! My landlord calls the flat "the flat close to heaven" as we are at the highest point in the mansion we live in, our view over looks a massive part of Cardiff and I can even see over some the valleys. So as you can imagine a skyline like that full of fireworks....wow. 

I want to say thank you to every one supporting my blog so far. I haven't been back blogging for long so I aim to make 2013 fabulous. I hope you will join me too!
I will make a few new years resolutions but I haven't quite decided . Tomorrow is for spring cleaning.... However I do have an ever growing 2013 wishlist which will continue to grow in the opposite direction to my bank balance. 
My highlight of 2012 was moving in with my boyfriend Carl and the Mayans being wrong. HERE'S TO LIFE!
Happy New Year!!
Lots of Love
Aimie xxxx

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  1. happy new year



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