Sunday, 27 January 2013

My top 5 Slimming World recipes.

Hi beauties!!!
I don't know if any one loves food posts, but I do, and I quite enjoy doing them too. 
Is any one finding January the LONGEST MONTH EVER?? Seriously I'm fed up now. 

January is know for being the month everyone goes on a massive health and fitness kick. A couple of the girls in work have joined Slimming World and I love listening to them discussing all the recipes they have tried and how nommy and healthy they are!! I got to have a good nosey through one of the recipe books the other day and managed to get a few recipes that I really love and don't make you feel like you are depriving yourself. 

Now I'm only a tiny doot but my diet isn't great, it contains a quite high amount of saturated fat, which is BAD so this needs to change immediately. Turkey dinosaurs ARE NOT HEALTHY! My boyfriend Carl is on a health kick to loose some weight so hence the new healthy attitude. These are my favourite recipes I got from the book! The Chicken, Spinach and Potato curry is TO DIE FOR and I'f off to cook the frittata now. 

Seriously try these. They are just too good!!! If you try any or have any links to super yum but good for the waist recipes leaves me comments or links below. I love hearing from you all. 
If you click on each picture it enlarges it for you so you can read the instructions properly. 

Lots of Love
Aimie xxxx


  1. Now I want a frittata! I wouldn't have the turkey though, I'd go veggie. I need to try out some of these recipies. I'm back to my pre baby weight but I want to lose some more for summer. Thanks for posting this :) xo

    1. I've tried all of these recipes now and I love them all! YUM! x

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