Thursday, 27 December 2012

What I got for Christmas

Hello lovely readers!
I hope you have all been spoilt rotten this christmas I sure have and I want for nothing right now, except maybe a pair of black disco pants. But that's another story.
So I did write a little Christmas list this year, which I posted here!!!
My main wants from my list were the big bling ring I have wanted for years from Swarovski. A Mulberry purse, Alien EDP fragrance, a sequin jacket and a Tiffany bracelet.
Did I get them? Hell yes, and more!! I'm so lucky :-)

Please do not see this as me bragging, as I don't get nice things very often as most months my wages just about cover my bills. I'm doing this because every one loves a good nosey :-)

There it is! I can officially die happy! Thanks so so so so much to my amazing boyfriend Carl.

I also got some earrings to go with this!
My last Tiffany died a glorious death after a few years of service! Thanks Nanny and Papa!

This jacket is officially being worn to death now :-) Thanks to my lovely Mummy.

Thanks to my lovely clients in work I managed to buy myself this today in John Lewis. SO IN LOVE!!!

I bought this as a cheeky little present for myself Christmas eve, hehe. Thanks me.

I got some LUSH goodies too, which have already been wrapped in cling film to keep them fresh and smelling amazing!! Thankyou so much to Carls Dad and lovely new partner Jane for these. I can't go a Christmas without Lush!

And Thanks again to Nanny and Papa for this. I'll let you in on a little secret. It's fake but when It looks so good who cares I mean really?!
I also got some amazing other goodies like a Darth Vader replica light sabre, perfumes, a hilarious photo frame that looks like an innocent pair of Chinese girls, however they aren't so innocent. Purely amazing!
I also got a candle in a tea cup, gorgeous peplum top, Percy Pig goodies, Jewellery, Gorgeous Christmas stars handmade by Carls Niece and Nephew and more!
I have been spoilt rotten, and in return my family have been spoilt beyond rotten by me, so I am now officially a broke ass bitch.
In the new year I am going to save for a real Michael Kors watch which I am dying for. Can't wait!

Just to up the cute factor here is a picture of Carls Beautiful Niece in the princess coat we bought her!

What did you lovely lot get off Santa? I'd love to know!!
Lots of Love
Aimie xxxx


  1. I love the purse (can't tell its fake!) and the jacket! Lush stuff is always nice and I love Thierry muglers fragrances, I got the latest alien one for Christmas!xx

    1. I must admit the purse is a fantastic fake!! haha. I love the alien fragrance it's nice and strong but not overpowering xxxx


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