Saturday, 15 December 2012

Santa, I've been soooooo good!

Dear Santa, 
Please may I Have the following gifts, I have been a really really good girl ALL year so please can I see a few of these under my tree?
Remember the time I tracked down the girl who had lost her purse with over £50 in it a few weeks ago? That was good. 
Remember how I'm super nice? 
Here is some reasons why I want these lovelies. 

1. Swarovski Ring. Don't sweat too much on this one. My boyfriend Carl has been harassed for this beauty for many months. 

2. Mulberry purse. I know where to get great replicas!

3. Alien EDP. My favorite fragrance ever!

4. Mac lipsticks. Any pastel shades will do me. Or even another Lady Gaga one is fine, mines pretty low. 

5. The ultimate in sparkly blazers. Hint has been sent to mother bear. 

6. Gel polish colours. I can never get my nails done in work so I need more colours for my home collection!

7. Yankee Fruit Fusion candle. Omg NOM

8. A new Tiffany. Mine is battered and nearly dead. 

Thanks Santy Claus. 

Lots of Love Aimie 
Age 23


.....Never too old. 


  1. Totally love the lipstick collection...

  2. Great wishlist! Mac lipsticks are my lifeee!! Xx


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