Tuesday, 12 March 2013

MUA undress me too palette review.

So I posted on Facebook the other night that I was seriously debating buying the Urban Decay Naked 2 pallette and following the crowd like a sheep.
I'm not going to talk about naked 2 because it is a real cult product and has been reviewed 654648382353537382927392863546484829 times.

So my friend who I used to work in Superdrug with said I should buy the MUA palette and that she would make my boyfriend (who also works for Superdrug) buy it for me.
I forgot all about it until he came home with one yesterday, and to be honest on first impressions I was impressed. All the golds, bronzes and deep browns are perfect for me and are my favourite colours to wear. It cost £4!!


I wore it this morning and it went on beautifully. The pigments are great and the more shimmery colours are just gorgeous. I've swatched all the colours for you to see the great the not so great. 80% of the colours I will use which is great for a palette because sometimes a lot don't get used.
To be honest my desire to buy the Naked 2 palette has died because these two are practically identical! And the price difference is just unbelievable. So thanks Lorna, I love it!

MUA swatches. 

Urban Decay Swatches.

Girls have you tried this? What are your thoughts? I would recommend this to anyone!

Lots of love Aimie xxxxx


  1. I've never seen MUA for sale in Ireland but I won the Undressed palette in a giveaway and I absolutely love it, I wear them everyday. The shimmer shadows on your palette look great, such a great product for only £4! :)


  2. This palette looks amazing! the colours are beautiful :)


    1. They sure are, can't quite believe how good it is. xxx


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