Thursday, 15 November 2012

Laura Paige Nail Varnish

I am so loving these polishes at the mo! Laura Paige in Pink Panic and MUA in Pistachio Ice Cream. I just want to eat them as candy colours are still huge for me right now. Nom.

I won't talk too much about the MUA colour as the bloggers have gone wild for their products as of late. We all know they are cheap, cheerful and utterly fantastic for the price so need I say more? I remember working as a beauty specialist in Superdrug and being so excited and part of the anticipation for the release about 2 years ago. I was like a kid in a sweet shop when we finally got our little hands on their products.

However, on to Laura Paige. I don't know about anyone else but as a small child I only thought this brand and Maxfactor existed as this was all my mother used. She used everything from their lipsticks to blushes to mascara. To me Laura Paige has always seemed old fashioned and from about the age of 11 until now I didn't see it....anywhere! Recently Co-op pharmacies have condensed their cosmetic stands and brought in this. You will be pleased to know that they do not test on animals.
Looking at the packaging and brand image they still look a little dated to me. However the price and product quality speaks for itself. I picked up this polish for under £2.50 which is fantastic really. It is made to quite a high quality. I have been wearing this polish on both my hands and toes for a few days and it is still going strong. I'm still chip free, and I work in a beauty salon and my nails get ruined in next to no time! This polish is much better than other high street brands such as Barry M, which I find doesn't apply well or last!

Laura Paige stockists can be found here.

So if you are looking for a new well priced cosmetic brand I highly recommend giving this a try! After all if we are all willing to allow MUA a place in our make up bags why not allow the vintage LP?
If you have used their products before how have you found them? I would love to know. Please leave any comments below.

Love you all lots, as always,
Aimie xxxxx


  1. Uhh, I love the colors!! Fresh reminder of summer...

  2. Thanks girls!
    Totally smitten with them right now!!


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