Thursday, 15 November 2012

The 99p Dress. has got every woman in the UK in a right stir! And I have got myself in on the action!
The 99p dress is actually a dress for 99p!!!!

Nude in colour with gorgeous gold sequins it was featured on This Morning this morning (haha) and within seconds the website crashed with thousands of bargain hunters wanting a piece of the action.

OMG fashion couldn't really wish for better coverage then by releasing a dress for just 99p!! There has been massive demand with the dress selling out in. They have received hundreds of complaints from unhappy shoppers that simply were not quick enough to get their hands on this beauty. With money being tight for every one over the past few years we have all turned to bargain hunting so no wonder everyone wants a piece of the action!
This dress is great for those girls who tend to wear a dress once and then throw it away. I have ruined dresses due to drinks being spilled,  colourful cocktails  don’t really work on a cream dress.  If you are going on a last minute night out and can’t afford a new dress 99p isn’t going to break the bank. This dress is the ultimate in throw away fashion, I don’t think it helps that you never see a celeb in the same dress twice. To me having a new dress every time you go makes you feel good and everyone wants to feel special. It makes me wonder if this dress is mass produced to a huge scale to keep costs as low as this.
Peplums and Sequins are massive business this season so what better than a bang on trend item like this? With the Essex look being classed as glamorous many girls will want to recreate the look and how easy is that with this dress?
My experience of the dress has been great and I have honestly loved it. It fits beautifully, although I would say their sizes may be a tiny bit small. The sparkle from the sequins is unbelievable, they look a really high quality and aren’t loose at all, so I wouldn’t worry about any falling off. It has a lovely heart cut out in the back which is very eye catching and unusual. The dress is great for my figure as I am quite a boyish shape, I have good boobs and a good behind but rather small hips. The peplum detail gives the illusion of a more feminine shape, which is great for me. The dress only goes to a size 14, even though the UK average is a 16 which is disappointing.
The skirt did like to ride up slightly, however I have much more expensive dresses that do the same, I don’t think this is due to the manufacture but the shape of the dress, the way we move in fitted dresses generally causes the skirt to ride up, so this isn't a massive issue for me.
I have only one problem. The seam inside the dress where the peplum sides are attached are a little scratchy, but not unbearable to the point that it is all you can think about whilst you are wearing it. To be honest though can we complain when it costs less than a pound!?!?!?! I'm saying a big fat NO!
This dress is a success for me. I'm totally and utterly in love. I wasn’t expecting much for the price but I was pleasantly surprised. I would definitely buy for myself and my sparkle loving friends! It is great value for money and could easily pass for a £30-50 dress.
Marks out of 10 for Appearance are 10, Fit 8, Quality 8 and Sizing 7. 

Did any one else manage to get one? Leave comments below.
Sending all my love.
Aimie xxx


  1. Wow, it looks amazing! I can't believe the price!

  2. Isn't it amazing. I wish they would do that offer again, that way I could treat all my friends!

  3. How did they got this to be only 99p?? It looks great quality! It's very flattering on you! xx

  4. Im assuming a massive amount of bulk buying! Thankyou so much lovely

  5. How innovative! I didn't get one unfortunately!

    P.s. you have a new follower!

    1. Just checked out your blog. Amazing and your hair is beautiful. I want to take the dive and do mine but I can't find the perfect pink....

  6. Wow. That's quite the concept selling a dress for so cheap; it actually looks really well made, I love the sparkly peplum!


  7. It does look great on you!
    Erica xo


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