Tuesday, 27 November 2012

THE best strip lash glue.

This is it! I have been searching for a while for the 'one' and I've finally found it. It can be bought here. You can get it for a measly £9.00 and for a 14g tube that's pretty darn good! 
Most lash brands come with teency tiny little tubes of mediocre glue that never lasts all night and isn't particularly great to use. 
Using the tube takes a little getting used to as it's really easy to squeeze that little too hard and floods of it come out of the end. You need to be very gentle. 
I work as a beauty therapist as you may or may not know and we use this!
The smell is a tad fishy....but as it dries the smell completely disappears. It also dries clear. 
This is really strong and really flexible and you seriously don't need to worry about the corners of your lashes peeling as they absolutely won't!
Don't beleive me?
Try it yourself!

Lots of love
Aimie xxxx

Have you tried this glue already? I'd love to know :-) x


  1. I've had this glue sat in my watch list on Ebay for months now! So glad I came across your review as I have now quickly purchased!

    && the best part is.. its only £4 on there haha!
    Love the blog!


    1. So glad I could be of help! You will love it!
      I'm popping on over to your blog for a nose xxx


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