Tuesday, 4 September 2012

LVL lash lift in Cardiff.

WOW!! This is my review of LVL Lashes, also known as a lash lift which I have had done in Cardiff.

Lvl stands for Length Volume and Lift. 
But what is it?
LVL is a relatively new treatment that gives you longer looking lashes without the need of lash extensions. Nouveau describe it as " a low-maintenance and long-lasting treatment.  Clients love the fact that the treatments take just 45 minutes, the results are immediately visible, plus their fabulous new look will last up to 6-12 weeks. Clients also find that LVL can be a more cost effective, lower maintenance alternative to lash extensions. LVL revolutionises antiquated perming techniques in a number of ways. LVL uses an innovative technique to gently lift and straighten the lashes, giving clients lashes that look thicker and more voluminous. LVL uses silicon shields, rather than rods, the shields are far more comfortable both for clients and their lashes. Another key difference is that our fabulous LVL gel formulation straightens the lash rather than curls it. The result? Stunning length, volume and lift for your natural eyelashes".

Now I went and had mine done and I am so pleased with the results :-D
My lashes before were not exactly short but they didn't really have much of curl so the appearance of length was lost. I found the treatment relaxing and although it felt a little akward at first (but not in a bad way), I became used to it very quickly. My eyes tend to be quite sensitive but they didn't water once!
I had the choice to have just the LVL or go for a colour boost option, which basically means getting my lashes tinted. My lashes are a dark brown so I opted for a blue black tint which made them luscious and dark.
I am so pleased with my results. My lashes are visibly lifted and the curl is gorgeous. I had to keep them dry and away from water for the next 24 hours, which was actually quite easy. The solutions that have been applied are still activating over the next 24 hours so getting them wet dramatically reduces your finished effect. 

Here are my results

Now who in their right mind wouldn't want that done?!

It costs roughly around £45 but let's be honest if it's going to last up to 12 weeks that's amazing!!

Do it girls.
It will not disappoint! I'll be continuing with the lash lifting treatment that's for sure!

Lots of love Aimie x


  1. Wow that looks brilliant!that is a bargain too, I will have to look this up now x


  2. Its fantastic. I couldn't believe just how good it was! xxx

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