Sunday, 23 June 2013

Lush beauty blogger event in Cardiff.

Firstly let me apologise for my disappearance over the past few weeks. Me and the Carlos have moved home, it took him quite some time to set up my pc. Phew what effort it has been so far, and it isn't finished yet. My poor little Clio has been run ragged over the last two weeks moving things two and fro and trips to Ikea. Not the stuff dreams are made of but we are pretty much settled in our new place in Cardiff Bay and loving it! Might put up a little interior post for you all to have a little guided tour soon!

So just before I moved I happily attended the Lush bloggers event in Cardiff. If you read my blog you will be well aware I have an intense love for Lush and I adore almost everything. I went with fellow beauty blogger Hannah from Awaken Beauty (why not give her a visit? maybe a cheeky follow too?)

So we were greeted by some yummy non-alcoholic cocktails. One a refreshing and light fruity mix and the other a rose blend that you would drink if you took a little visit to one of their Lush spas. 

Pretty much everyone there ran for the upstairs first leaving us nosing downstairs. Downstairs we got the fun task of making our own "Angels on bare faces" cleansers. It was like being in nursery and being encouraged to make a mess so much fun!

Upstairs there was lots to see and do like trying the face masks, cleansers, moisturisers and make up etc. Rather than bore you with chit chat, here are a few more pics.

Everything we tried left our skin feeling just lush....Personal favourites include moisturiser "Gorgeous", "9-5" cleanser, "Dusk till dawn" massage bar and "Ro's Argan body conditioner". For me nothing beats Gorgeous and Whoosh shower jelly. Absolute nom!!!

In time I will do a few reviews on my favourite products but for now I shall keep this short and sweet. Thank you to the Lush staff for having us, always so friendly and caring. It was also great meeting everyone! All in all a great evening!

Lots of love
Aimie xxx


  1. It was lovely to finally meet you :)


  2. It was a great event, so interesting. I hope they do more :) x

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