Thursday, 25 October 2012

MAC Make-up brushes.

Mac Make-up brushes on ebay!

I think these little beauties deserve a mention. I purchased this set nearly 2 years ago on Ebay. I'm not 100% sure of their authenticity as when comparing them to my MAC brushes in store there is a slight difference.
However authentic or not, I simply do not care! This 9 piece set also came with a free foundation brush and I think I only paid £25 for them. Which let's be honest is fantastic either way.
In the current set on Ebay you get-

  • Large Powder Brush (This was in my set. Fantastic. I've lost hardly any bristles, it is still soft and full, although this isn't my most used brush)
  • Large Angled Contour Brush (This too was in my set. I use it as my blusher and highlighter brush. This brush has been used to death and still looks good as new!!! Amazing quality on this brush)
  • Eye Shading Brush (I didn't get this. Instead I had 3 eyeshadow brushes of varying sizes, these are used everyday in my morning routine and are holding up fantasticly)
  • Medium Angled Shading Brush 
  • Shader Brush
  • Small Shader Brush
  • Concealer Brush (fantastic, with silky smooth bristles. Not so great for concealer as I find it a tad small. Works well for covering up very small blemishes)
  • Small Angled Brush (This is by far the best brush in the set. Soft bristles, yet very firm. Works amazingly for applying eyeliner or use on the brows. 
  • Fine Liner Brush (Basically a sponge on a stick, works okay for blending, however it is still going strong!)
With all the brushes I can't complain about quality whatsoever as they ultimately have stood up to the test of time and been extremely well used. Washing them regularly goes without saying to help with hygiene and longevity. I have lost minimal bristles and the quality of them is almost like new. They feel great against your skin very smooth and they grab the product well to help with a fantastic even application.

I have had an absolute bargain with these brushes and NEEDED to share this with you lot because great tools mean everything. The set I have mentioned here is just an example of the kind of set I had. Bigger or smaller sets are still available on Ebay.

Lots of Love
Aimie xxx

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