Thursday, 28 February 2013

London ExCell Pro Beauty show.

So for those who don't know the London ExCell Professional Beauty show is a pretty big deal for all those in the beauty industry.

Me and a whole bunch of my colleagues from work went down on Sunday. It was a real early start getting up at 6am to travel from Cardiff to London. 
We eventually got there around midday, phew! I'm such a fidgety traveller, I get bored so easily!!
I couldn't wait to get in there. I knew I wanted to buy and try out a whole bunch of new tans, I also needed some sleep in rollers in my life and any extras from there was a bonus! 

If you have ever been to an event such as this you will know the amount of floor space it covers is huge, so flat shoes are a must as you will be doing a lot of walking. 
All the stands were amazing and full of fab things to look at although I avoided CND, OPI and Nail Harmony as they were stupidly busy! Shame as I love all three. 

I obviously went to visit HD which was insanely busy so we couldn't really see much which was a shame because they were releasing new stands at the show and me and my fellow HD tech Sam really wanted to see!
They were doing demos on an amazing looking set which I couldn't photograph where the model was being worked on as she lay on a chaise longue. The ultimate in luxury. 

My main loves were Clarins, doing free treatment demos, my hand and arm massage was amazing!!! Also they were selling gift packs of all different products for amazingly cheap prices. 
Fake Bake, super cheap and easy to get served at!
Sleep in rollers, although they were so busy it was almost impossible to get served. 

Me and some of the girls came across a tan brand we hadn't seen before and were wowed by the models amazing bronzed colour. They are called Urban Tan and their concept is amazing. They also make scented drops that you can put into your tan to make it smell amazing, and OMG they really do, Linen and Fruit punch were just gorgeous. I managed to get 4 pretty big sized tan samples which I can not wait to use!

 I also got a tan sample from Crazy Angels, however I think I have had an allergic reaction to that as I have tried it out on my arms and chest and come up in hives, I'm itching and burning! It's such a shame because the colour really was stunning.
I bought some Flawless tan from Fake Bake which I can't wait to try next!

I bought a few other boring bits like wax for my wax pot etc. 
At the Aston and Finchers stand (a really good beauty warehouse) I bought some MyCurl curlers, we have these in the salon I work in, you can literally curl your whole head of hair in 3 minutes. I also saw some amazing fully Swarovski blinged straighteners for just £100! Wish I had taken more money!! 

With all the amazing things I bought I will review soon as I know a couple of my readers want to know how they are!
So don't worry girls, they will be up soon!

Last but not least I have to say a massive THANK YOU to all at Salons Direct! As we were walking around we were asked by a very gold and sparkly man to jump in and have a photo, if we tweeted the picture to the salons direct twitter we would be in with a chance of winning an Ipad Mini. So I tweeted and forgot about it. Yesterday I had a tweet saying I had WON! I can't believe it! It should be in my hands by tomorrow. I really am so excited!!!
I can't wait to be able to blog on the go!
Here is the pic that won me this amazing prize.

More posts to follow my gorgeous readers!!!!
Lots of love 
Aimie xxxx


  1. Looks like such a great day out! Congratulations on your prize, that's amazing! Are the sleep in rollers good? They have them in my local chemist but I don't know whether to invest or not xo

    1. I've worn them once on the top sections of my hair and they weren't too bad to sleep in, I can imagine a full head to be quite uncomfortable though.
      My hairs still a little ruined from bleaching it though so it can still be a tad unruly.
      I do like them though!

  2. Yeah!! Fake Bake, can´t wait to see your results!!

    1. I'll be trying it very soon! As soon as my allergic reaction from the last tan goes down I'll be tanning.

  3. Would love to c a review of the urban tan :))) XX

  4. Those swarovski straighteners are STUNNING !! Glad you had a great day :)

    Rachel @ AMomentInTime.

  5. This looks amazing, hope you had a good time. Posts like these make me so jealous to see I've missed a good day out!

    Christina | Passion Obsession

    1. You should look to go next year, if you register for tickets before the day it is free! xxx

  6. Looks like you had so much fun! :D

    Fashionable Eyeglasses Giveaway:

    1. I did, thanks for popping on over to my blog :-)

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