Thursday, 28 February 2013

Rose Tinted Hourglass review and GIVEAWAY!

Firstly I would like to say a big thank you to the lovely Rose Tinted Hourglass for sending me some absolutely lovely pieces of jewellery recently. I was very spoilt and have got to sample a few of their pretty items. 
These are what I was sent. A lovely button ring which I adore, some coral matching button earrings, which again are too cute, a very classic and vintage time piece necklace with real clock hands from a clock and a little hourglass and lastly some adorable little button hair clips and earrings. 

All of these pieces are very well made with no tell tale glue marks and because they are hand made it makes them all the more special. The service i received from Rose Tinted Hourglass was fantastic one of the best I have experienced. One thing I can not stand is when you have a problem or question there is simply no reply or it takes ages, this was not an issue at all with speedy and super friendly replies. 
The good thing about this brand is you know you are getting a one off item that no one else will have. Everything is priced very reasonably so you can afford to get yourself a few cute kitsch bits. 

You can find Rose Tinted Hourglass on 
And online at

I'm giving one lucky reader the chance to win themselves the clock hand necklace and button earrings!! The competition won't run long so get in quick!
This is only open to UK entrants. Sorry. 

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  1. Yay first entry! These pieces are adorable! I'm such a jewellery addict so for me this is another lovely giveaway from you Aimie, thank you! I'd love to see more FOTD looks. I always love to take inspiration from people's makeup and try to get some ideas off them. I see you're a HD brow artist too. I really want HD brows but only one place in my city does them. If you could do a post about HD brows, what to look for and expect that would be great :)

    Lots of love from Ireland,
    Fiona @


    1. Hi babe. I did a little post about HD a while ago.

      Hope that gives you a bit more of an insight :-)

    2. Thanks so much! I just want to be informed before going through with it, especially when there's only one place in my whole city that does them. You're a star! :) xo

    3. I get you, I think if you do your research on the salon that actually does it you will feel a bit more comfortable too! xxx

  2. I would love to see more posts about the blogs you love to read xx

  3. Hi and thanks for the fab giveaway - I love the necklace ...I did my family tree a while back and found I was from a line of watchmakers so I would love to win this :-) I would like to see more bargain beauty buys on your blog and current beauty trends too :-) X

  4. Thank you for such a nice giveaway, I'd love to see wish lists and bargain make-up buys :) xxx


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